The Joys of Temp Work

One of the things I love and hate about temp jobs, is that much of my time is downtime. I often have tons of free time to spend doing, pretty much whatever I want, as long as I still perform the functions that I have been hired to fulfill.  For example, today, I am working at an advertising agency, in their reception area. I'm simply a greeter, and my function it purely to greet people as they enter, register guests, and notify the person he is visiting of his arrival.  Carl, the guy who is "supervising" me, has said that as today is Friday, it will likely be a very slow day. Especially since it is a completely gorgeous day.

This puts me in a position to finally go through the almost 100 new emails I have sitting in my inbox. I also have time to write a blog today, which I haven't done in weeks.  I can also work on my application for the farm internship that I'm applying for, and continue to submit to acting jobs.  I'll probably end up on Facebook for a chunk of the day later, and eventually on I can haz Cheezburger. I might be productive and start a write-up on this new dating service that I'm thinking of starting, or I might wind up ogling electric cars.

There are a myriad of things I might do today, just so long as I can do them from the comfort of this seat.

Not all temp jobs are like this though. I really do need to clarify that. I was on a job for 8 weeks where it was actually a job. They spent the first two days while I was there training me to do all the various aspects of the job. And while they were individually all very simple, there were certainly a lot of them.

Question of the Day: What do you do in your downtime at work?