Today is a completely gorgeous day.

It's sunny, maybe 75 out, and mostly clear. This is LA after all, so there's almost ALWAYS a layer of smog lingering.

Yesterday was the same kind of gorgeous, and I spent pretty much the whole day inside, on my computer, editing the photos I took at my cousin's wedding. It kinda sucked. But it's all good, because I should finish the photos tomorrow, and get them posted for her by Tuesday.

Thursday, I'm going to this mega-summit that my church is doing. I fly to Texas at 6am, to join 17,000 of my fellow disciples. It's going to be a completely amazing time.

The thing I am most stressed about right now is the fact that I am completely broke. I'm actually in debt, which is a totally new experience for me. I'm not used to this, and I'm not even really sure how it happened. I guess I was just living beyond my means. I know at least a good chunk of it comes from the fact that I didn't save enough of my winnings from the Price is Right to pay taxes on what I won. But that's not even all of what I owe. I don't know how I managed to spend that much.

I know this is bad of me, but I always used to get pretty superior feeling when people were in debt. I never really understood how people can live beyond their means by THAT much. I still don't understand how people get tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Since realizing that I owe a lot more on my credit card than I can pay at the moment, I have all but stopped spending money except on the most necessary of things: gas, oil for my car, occasional food needs. But even then, I haven't bought groceries in a couple weeks, eating only what in my fridge and freezer. I bought some hummus at the farmers market on Thursday and felt guilty about it.

I improvised a tomato cream curry the other night in my slow cooker. The flavor is really good, but I added quinoa to it. It would have been fine, if only I had just put the quinoa in at the end, but I put it in at the beginning and it got mushy. I didn't know quinoa could get mushy. But!! I'm going to eat it anyway because it's what I have. I'm going to have to freeze it because it's a lot.

I've also been fasting from sugar the last week. This started out hard because I'm always putting honey in my tea, and I made cookies for a bake sale last Sunday. I started drinking my tea with honey, and discovered that I actually like it that way. Especially since I don't drink it as quickly.

The other cool thing that's going on is that I'm planning a date. I want to start planning these large-scale blind dates on a bi-monthly basis. I've already got 8 or 10 guys coming to it, and several more are check on their schedules, so I'm super excited. Its going to be a picnic/ museum date. All the girls will pack picnics in bags or baskets or whatever. The guys will each choose a basket without knowing which sister it belongs to, and that will be how the first half of the date is set up. The brothers will each bring a bracelet, necklace or something pretty, and the girls will each choose a gift, and that will be how the second half of the date is set up. So each person will have 2 dates over the course of a couple hours, and it should be a LOT of fun. I'm encouraged just thinking about doing this. :)

Then there's the car issues. I keep bouncing around in my head of what I want to do. I want to get a new car, but I don't know if I can afford to. I need to repair Lizzy (the 95 Oldsmobile that my mom bought when I was 12, that I learned how to drive in), but again, that's expensive. A good chunk of me wants to sell Lizzy and buy a smart car or a scooter. The smart cars are awesome because they're only $99/month IF you can find a base model somewhere (no one seems to actually carry it), but even the next model up is only like $139/month. Or I could probably get a scooter for around what I sell this beast for. But then what do I do if it rains? Questions, questions....

I suppose I'll figure it out eventually.


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