The ice cream experiment


I have recently become OBSESSED with making ice cream. I love ice cream, but ever since I started this no refined sugar/flour thing, I haven't been able to partake.

So, as a result, I have recently fallen in love with the idea of making my own ice cream.

Costco sells ice cream makers, and I managed to stumble across it when they were actually having a sale. So I picked up my ice cream maker for a mere $24. Plus tax.

Since getting it I have started experimenting.

My first experiment was a blackberry honey vanilla frozen Greek yogurt. That one was very nearly a complete disaster because I didn't realize that the ice cream maker needed to be running before I put anything into it. It was a tasty mess though. I just plopped some greek yogurt into the thing with some milk and honey, and then mashed the juice out of a LOT of blackberries.

The next experiment was an attempt at a coconut vanilla custard. Again, mistakes: I tried to put the custard into the ice cream maker while it was still hot, and it never really froze, and then I think I overlooked it a little, and the eggs scrambled. Still, though, very tasty.

Most recently I have discovered the beauty of watermelon sorbet. I still haven't figured out why it's not freezing well, but I just don't care at this point, it's sooooo delicious. This time all it is is watermelon juice, basil juice (just a tablespoon or so), and a can of coconut milk. The first time I made it, it never really froze (although I never stuck it in the freezer to harden), and wound up more like a milkshake than ice cream. The second time, today, it is sitting faithfully in the freezer, attempting to solidify. I also added a bit of honey to it today, which I didn't do last week. But it is sooo good.

Today is a day of multiple experiments, because I decided to make a lemon-basil ice cream, also. That one won't go into the ice cream maker until tomorrow, but I made the custard today, cooking lemon juice, eggs and heavy cream with honey. Once it cools completely, I'll add some milk and basil juice, and then put it in the ice cream maker.

I tasted the custard and it is completely awesome. I'm so excited.

I can finally eat ice cream again!!!

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