Wow. I have to say I'm impressed. I've stopped eating anything processed, and I've lost 4 pounds since the beginning of March. To me, that's crazy!!  I still eat honey, and potatoes, and maple syrup, and other things that are "bad" for you, only to find out that they're actually really good for you. I don't eat most fast food anymore (although I totally had a protein-style cheeseburger last week - no ketchup though!), I don't eat processed sugar or white flour. I'm eating only the foods that God created for food, and I'm eating them as close as possible to their original form. Hence: whole wheat, unprocessed sugars, lots of fruits and veggies, cheese, dairy (I still don't know where to buy raw milk, so I'm just buying pasteurized, but un-homogenized, whole milk - the kind with the cream on top), meats, fish (but no shellfish) and lots of beans.

I'm amazed by the fact that I am still eating bread (usually Ezekiel Bread) spread with plenty of butter. I eat mashed potatoes made with cream or sweet potatoes with cinnamon and butter. I eat steak with horseradish, and salads with cheese. I can eat pretty much whatever I want, as long as it's in it's original form.

I feel amazing. I don't need coffee, and my sweet tooth is easily satisfied by a piece of fruit (we bought a watermelon at Costco the other day and just cut into it - sooo good).

I'm not saying it's not hard. You really have to read the labels, and snack food are the worst. Potato chip these days have sugar in them. The 'Baked' Lays, which are supposed to be healthier, are waaaay worse than a standard chip. Sugar and flour are sneaky- they hide in everything, and they're not always clearly labelled. Sucrose, evaporated cane juice, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and others all hide the processed sugars found in products these days. Flour is pretty easy to spot, but you have to watch out for when it just says "flour" or "wheat flour." I only buy products that are 100% whole grain, which means that the ingredients have to say "whole wheat flour."

Pretty cool, huh?

Question of the Day: Ok, so today isn't really a question, so much as a challenge. I dare you to look at the ingredients of everything you eat today. Look at what goes into each item before you eat. Then, if you don't know exactly what it is, don't eat it. Get informed!


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Anonymous said...

I look at the ingredients in all of my food now, having developed an adult peanut allergy. You think sugar is hidden everywhere? You should see how many things have, may contain, or are processed on the same equipment as (and may contain traces of) Peanuts. I've not had a bad reaction, but knowing how life-threatening it is for many people, especially children, why don't they take more care - or make more stuff in peanut free factories?

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