Thank you!

Ok, so my blog isn't 100% back to normal, BUT one of my fabulous readers was able to retrieve a good handful of my old posts.  Thank you very much to him (I'm assuming it's a guy, but he keeps posting anonymously, which honestly, is a little annoying.)  I've got a good hunch it's a guy named Paul that I met briefly a couple of years ago when I did a talk, as a photographer, to a group of actors in Florida about headshots.  I think he's also the one sending me anonymous gifts for Christmas and my birthday, but I can't be sure. He's not denying it, but he's also not confirming it.

I have to say that whoever helped me out today considerably brightened my mood. Part of me wanted to post and whine and complain about how annoyed I am that I lost so many of my posts. But then part of me got stubborn and refused to post at all. So now, I'm not as annoyed because I didn't lose everything (just a LOT), and there's still a chance that someone has a post or two in their cache. If I was at home, on my personal computer, a Mac, I could probably retrieve more than one or two, but unfortunately, I haven't really worked on my blog at home for a very long time (at least since November, and even then, I think I posted that from my cell phone).

Part of me wants to try and re-create those posts, and I know a couple of them cross-posted to Facebook, but that's just so much work.

I give up. It doesn't matter.

Although, I will be OVERJOYED if someone comes across a few more posts hiding somewhere.

Question of the Day: Do you have any in your cache or RSS feeds?

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Anonymous said...

My name is unimportant. I'm just glad I could make you smile.