I have a new favorite TV show.

I love Dr. Who, but there's no more for me to watch right now. Lost was a great show, but it's over. I like The Voice, but it's hard to get really addicted to a competition show (especially when a couple of my favorites have already been eliminated). I really like Smash, but I don't really like watching shows that are still airing (I don't like waiting a week between viewings).

But a couple weeks ago, I was browsing Netflix looking for something to watch. I normally don't watch things that are still airing because I don't like waiting for new episodes. I stumbled across a show called Supernatural.  OMG! I was addicted from episode one. I'd seen the first episode before, and hadn't even realized it. And it's so good! I'm partially wishing I hadn't started watching it because it is still airing. I've been watching it so much, that I just started watching Season 4 on Monday.  I had to take a break from it yesterday because I needed to get some housework done, so I put on The Voice, which I could just listen to.

But I love this show. It's all about these 2 brothers who hunt demons and ghosts and other things that go bump in the night. But it's season 4 now, and somebody just got dragged out of Hell by an Angel.  Yeah, an Angel. As in part of God's Armies. It's pretty freakin' awesome. The show actually acknowledges the existence of God, and raises some of the questions that people have. I'm not going to get into it, because I only just started this season, and all I really want to do is have yet another marathon and watch the entire season today.

Question of the Day: What's your current favorite show?

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