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In Search of Good Food
Posted by D. at 9:54 AM
Ok, ok, I know!

I haven't updated my blog in a really long time. I'm not going to sit here and explain why, except to say that honestly, I really don't like journaling and I don't think very many people actually read this thing, but whatever!

I have recently been getting really into thinking about what I eat. I'm not eating my emotions as much, although I still spend lots of time thinking about food. It's really important to really think about what you put into your body.

You wouldn't drink formaldehyde, would you? And yet it's found in a lot of our food products.

How about a nice cold glass of pesticides? No?

Wouldn't you love some ammonia gravy over your chicken?


But that's what you're eating and drinking. Conventionally grown meats, vegetables, fruits, and processed foods contain all sorts of chemical additives that would probably kill you if consumed alone.

Go watch Food, Inc.

Go on, I'll wait...


Ok, so this past month I started a fast that was supposed to be temporary. I was only doing it for the Month of March (with 2 exceptions because my birthday is this month, but it falls on a Monday, so my party is Saturday).

The fast was this:
1. No white flour. This was REALLY hard. This means no cake, pie, bread, fried foods, or other goodies unless it's made with 100% whole grains. I found a bread that I really like, it's an organic Omega-3 bread (has seeds added to it) and I can get it at Costco, which I love. Although it does contain some white flour, it is Organic White flour, and it's not the first ingredient listed. So, while it's not perfect, until I start making my own bread, it'll have to do.
2. No white sugar or artificial sweeteners. This was easier and harder than I thought it would be. I've gone sugar-free for a fast before, so avoiding all sugar is very simple, until you realize that sugar pops up in all different forms all over the place: Prego spaghetti sauce, Baked Lays, even the 'Original' Coffeemate (you know, the one that's not sweetened?) all have sugar listed on the ingredients. This also means the obvious: no soda, cookies, candy, cake (except for my birthday), and chocolate. However I AM still eating sweeteners, in moderation, but only 100% natural, unprocessed ones; i.e. honey & maple syrup.
3. No pork or shellfish. This one is not so obvious off the bat, except that in the Bible, God says don't eat pigs or shellfish, so I'm not eating them. I'm not doing the kosher thing because that's rabbinical tradition, as opposed to Word of God. I'm just trying to stick to what the Word of God says.
Some of this is easier than you think. I still eat sweets, I'm just more careful of what's in them and how much I eat. I found a recipe yesterday for a honey candy that has no sugar added to it (Straight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried: Honey Toffee Lollipops). I haven't tried it yet, but you can bet that I'm going to. I need to buy a new candy thermometer first.

I'm going to try and blog about this specific topic more. About my journey through organic foods. I'll post links to articles and other information.

But seriously, go watch Food, Inc. It's on streaming on Netflix.

Question of the Day:
What can you reasonably cut out of your diet today?

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Anonymous said...
I read every post, thank you very much. And check back periodically to see if there's anything new. So there. (and I know I'm not the only one)
Friday, March 16, 2012 1:46:00 PM

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