repost: June?

Yeah, I know, it's June. Yeah, I know, I haven't posted anything in over a month. It's been a WHILE.

The problem is that I've been working 2 jobs, and going to school, and shooting and everything else, so I haven't had time to do much of anything besides veg when I'm at home. I did my laundry last week, for literally the first time in like a month.

Jessica is out of town, and she's been gone for almost a month. She went on some kind of Mediterranean cruise. She'll be back in a few days but it's been very strange without her her for the last month. She called today to make sure I hadn't burned the place down and that I was still sane and to tell me she was back stateside, and it's a little strange to think about.

The sad thing is, right now, even though I technically have time to sit and type and tell you all about what's been going on in my life, I'm exhausted. I opened the last two days, so I haven't slept much. and I have to work at the other job tomorrow. I don't think I've said anything about the new job have I? Hmmm.... The new gig is working over at one of the studios, as a photographer, taking pictures of tourists, then trying to get them to buy the photos. It's one of those crappy jobs that you love because it's in a cool environment, and you can totally rub it in other people's faces. I mean, I work at Sony! The "cafeteria" is Wolfgang Puck! I'm getting paid to take photos! I love this. It's a great stepping stone, too. For what I want to do later, at least for what I think I want to do, it'll look great on the resume....

Now I'm really too tired to type more, but since school is out for the summer, and I've decided not to take classes again until fall, hopefully I'll have more time.

But, then again, probably not.

Question of the Day: Free time? What's that?

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