repost: Finally Finished!!

Finally Finished!!

Well, mostly...

I'm so proud of myself. I've finaly finished one of my 3 photo assignments. I finished one of them last week, and that leaves only one more to do. Of course I got another one last night in one of my classes, so I still have 2 more whole assignments to do, but I got the largest of the assignments done: the one for PlanteEye. Sixty-one photos of Los Angeles. I e-mailed the woman I was talking to, and I have to snail-mail a CD of the images still, but I'm going to do that tomorrow before work. They're based in Canada, so I'll take it to the Post Office, rather than simply dropping it in the mail somewhere.

I still have to do my Black and white assignment, but that one is going to be easier compared to all this gallavanting around shooting stuff and then editing, and picking out which pictures I think are actually good enough to put on display. I enjoyed the work of doing the shoot, but trying to do it around my day-to-day Starbucks schedule was horrible! It took forever. Every time I wanted to shoot, I'd be working or the light wouldn't be what I liked. It's very annoying. It's a challenge, which I think will keep me very interested for many years to come.

Question of the Day: What do you think of my pictures?