repost: PHOTOS!!!!!


YAY!!!! I'm very excited right now. I'm incredibly tired and sleepy, which is why this is going to be a short entry, but I'm very excited.

I got my camera for Christmas as some of you know. It's the sexiest thing ever, and I'm completely excited about it. It's a Canon Rebel XTi, Digital, 10.1 MP. I also got 2 (TWO!!) ├╝ber-cool lenses with it. So, anyway, I got up obnoxiously early today to go shoot. And that was a TON of fun. I wound up on Venice Beach. I parked by my friend Damon's apartment, because I had seen a farmer's market (which I never made it to), and then wandered over to the beach, intending to make a day of it. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I ran out of battery. But I got several really good pictures. I'm very pleased with the morning's work.

When I got home, I recharged my battery, and loaded my pictures onto my computer. I deleted a lot of them because I duplicated a lot of pictures in the taking because it's not a waste of film like with 35mm. I only had to play with a few of them, crop a few, brighten or tone down color. I changed a handful to Black and White, and then I loaded them all up to my website. Go look! They're cool!!

Question of the Day: Which one do you like best?

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