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Blair Godzilla Project

Not my idea, I swear. Someone else coined the phrase, but I kinda love it. It's very appropriate. I've seen both movies now, and was scared, but impressed by both (The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfeild).

As for the Godzilla thing, it's Not Godzilla, at all. It's a cross between the Alien (from the Alien movies, obviously), Godzilla and a lizardy-King Kong, and maybe something like a kangaroo that carries its young around. The thing was seriously scary though. The effects were mostly just ok, and I think they were depending a lot on the fact that the whole movie is supposed to be shot on some random guy's video camera. But it worked because the acting was really good, and the directing was incredible. The whole vision was incredibly executed.

When we started the project there was going to be an announcement in the trades. In this case, they wanted to keep everything under wraps. So the movie was going to be made under this outside corporation that was basically a property of Paramount. That corporation had a name that I don’t know the name of. I think Clover was the first part of it. Maybe it was Cloverdale. When Drew [Goddard, LOST writer] was putting a name to the project, there was supposed to be a name for the project like there was for The Manhattan Project. So he said, "I am going to use that weird mysterious thing," and he misheard it. He didn’t even understand that it wasn’t Cloverfield, it was Cloverdale. Maybe that was because of the street by J.J.’s old office, but the truth is he just misunderstood it. -LAist

Question of the Day: What recent movie scared you the most?

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