repost: June?

Yeah, I know, it's June. Yeah, I know, I haven't posted anything in over a month. It's been a WHILE.

The problem is that I've been working 2 jobs, and going to school, and shooting and everything else, so I haven't had time to do much of anything besides veg when I'm at home. I did my laundry last week, for literally the first time in like a month.

Jessica is out of town, and she's been gone for almost a month. She went on some kind of Mediterranean cruise. She'll be back in a few days but it's been very strange without her her for the last month. She called today to make sure I hadn't burned the place down and that I was still sane and to tell me she was back stateside, and it's a little strange to think about.

The sad thing is, right now, even though I technically have time to sit and type and tell you all about what's been going on in my life, I'm exhausted. I opened the last two days, so I haven't slept much. and I have to work at the other job tomorrow. I don't think I've said anything about the new job have I? Hmmm.... The new gig is working over at one of the studios, as a photographer, taking pictures of tourists, then trying to get them to buy the photos. It's one of those crappy jobs that you love because it's in a cool environment, and you can totally rub it in other people's faces. I mean, I work at Sony! The "cafeteria" is Wolfgang Puck! I'm getting paid to take photos! I love this. It's a great stepping stone, too. For what I want to do later, at least for what I think I want to do, it'll look great on the resume....

Now I'm really too tired to type more, but since school is out for the summer, and I've decided not to take classes again until fall, hopefully I'll have more time.

But, then again, probably not.

Question of the Day: Free time? What's that?


repost: Finally Finished!!

Finally Finished!!

Well, mostly...

I'm so proud of myself. I've finaly finished one of my 3 photo assignments. I finished one of them last week, and that leaves only one more to do. Of course I got another one last night in one of my classes, so I still have 2 more whole assignments to do, but I got the largest of the assignments done: the one for PlanteEye. Sixty-one photos of Los Angeles. I e-mailed the woman I was talking to, and I have to snail-mail a CD of the images still, but I'm going to do that tomorrow before work. They're based in Canada, so I'll take it to the Post Office, rather than simply dropping it in the mail somewhere.

I still have to do my Black and white assignment, but that one is going to be easier compared to all this gallavanting around shooting stuff and then editing, and picking out which pictures I think are actually good enough to put on display. I enjoyed the work of doing the shoot, but trying to do it around my day-to-day Starbucks schedule was horrible! It took forever. Every time I wanted to shoot, I'd be working or the light wouldn't be what I liked. It's very annoying. It's a challenge, which I think will keep me very interested for many years to come.

Question of the Day: What do you think of my pictures?


repost: Blair Godzilla Project

Blair Godzilla Project

Not my idea, I swear. Someone else coined the phrase, but I kinda love it. It's very appropriate. I've seen both movies now, and was scared, but impressed by both (The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfeild).

As for the Godzilla thing, it's Not Godzilla, at all. It's a cross between the Alien (from the Alien movies, obviously), Godzilla and a lizardy-King Kong, and maybe something like a kangaroo that carries its young around. The thing was seriously scary though. The effects were mostly just ok, and I think they were depending a lot on the fact that the whole movie is supposed to be shot on some random guy's video camera. But it worked because the acting was really good, and the directing was incredible. The whole vision was incredibly executed.

When we started the project there was going to be an announcement in the trades. In this case, they wanted to keep everything under wraps. So the movie was going to be made under this outside corporation that was basically a property of Paramount. That corporation had a name that I don’t know the name of. I think Clover was the first part of it. Maybe it was Cloverdale. When Drew [Goddard, LOST writer] was putting a name to the project, there was supposed to be a name for the project like there was for The Manhattan Project. So he said, "I am going to use that weird mysterious thing," and he misheard it. He didn’t even understand that it wasn’t Cloverfield, it was Cloverdale. Maybe that was because of the street by J.J.’s old office, but the truth is he just misunderstood it. -LAist

Question of the Day: What recent movie scared you the most?

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repost: PHOTOS!!!!!


YAY!!!! I'm very excited right now. I'm incredibly tired and sleepy, which is why this is going to be a short entry, but I'm very excited.

I got my camera for Christmas as some of you know. It's the sexiest thing ever, and I'm completely excited about it. It's a Canon Rebel XTi, Digital, 10.1 MP. I also got 2 (TWO!!) ├╝ber-cool lenses with it. So, anyway, I got up obnoxiously early today to go shoot. And that was a TON of fun. I wound up on Venice Beach. I parked by my friend Damon's apartment, because I had seen a farmer's market (which I never made it to), and then wandered over to the beach, intending to make a day of it. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I ran out of battery. But I got several really good pictures. I'm very pleased with the morning's work.

When I got home, I recharged my battery, and loaded my pictures onto my computer. I deleted a lot of them because I duplicated a lot of pictures in the taking because it's not a waste of film like with 35mm. I only had to play with a few of them, crop a few, brighten or tone down color. I changed a handful to Black and White, and then I loaded them all up to my website. Go look! They're cool!!

Question of the Day: Which one do you like best?


repost: Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past

First off: Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! And all that crap...

For New Year's Jessica had just gotten back from Singapore, and I had opened the store, so we were both exhausted. We each took naps, but we were so busy talking that neither of us started until around 6pm. Then because we woke up so late (I slept on the couch, but still), we were both still groggy and not nearly motivated enough to leave the apartment. So Jessica and I spent New Year's Eve at home watching movies. It was kinda awesome.

To make up for it though, we went out on Thursday to a club in West Hollywood called Rage. West Hollywood. Matt, one of Jessica's friend's from Arizona is going to Korea for a year so is crashing on our couch for a week because there's some kind of problem with his visa, and he's already moved out of his apartment. But Matt is the only gay one who went the other night and we were in West Hollywood. It was kinda awesome though. because we got there before 11pm, there was no cover, and drinks were $5 each, and Matt got really drunk, and I had three drinks. The dancing was a lot of fun, and they were playing videos instead of just music, which was cool. But they played the Britney Spears VMA video, and I couldn't stop laughing. It was really sad.

Then last night, Saturday, was Princess' birthday. We went to this bar in Culver City called Backstage. Our waitress was awful, the food was mediocre but the drinks were good. It was strange, because it was Saturday, the place was packed, and it was such a dive. It was a lot of fun though. There was Karaoke though, which is why I think Princess chose it. I stayed later than I intended, but I was having a ton of fun. I sang "Barbie Girl" by Aqua (yeah, that really annoying song about Barbie and Ken), and I got a ton of good comments about it. Like I was totally channeling them with the high pitched singing. But the crazy thing was that around 1-1:15-ish we went up the the bar to pay the tab, to split it up. There were a couple of guys there but I didn't really pay attention because we were trying to figure out the money thing (we had been charged for some food item that no one ordered or got). But I turned, because Princess and her friend Joy were talking to another waitress (ours had strangely left at midnight), a very drunken guy asked, "Don't you just love this song?" ("The Twist" was playing, or rather being sung I think) I answered in the affirmative, and then he asked my name. I told him my first name and then he came back with my full name, and I realized that we had gone to grade school together. This was the Bryan (with a Y, the Brian with an I was a little red-headed kid) that I had a huge crush on when I was 10 years old. He moved down here for film school to do directing, but now he does editing of movie trailers, which is strange because that's what I had wanted to do, or pretty near anyway. But he was too drunk to stay focused on anyone thing for too long and wandered off to steal the microphone from the DJ (unsuccessfully I might add), so I started chatting to his friends because by this point Princess had said goodbye and left. I don't remember any of their names except for two because I was actually introduced to Bobby, and because Dave was cute and asked for my number. Dave is currently out of work because of the writer's strike, but was formerly working in production on an NBC show. He said he'd call in a few days, and I hope he does.

But all of the guys were totally cute.

Question of the Day: Who did you have a crush on in grade school?