repost: Free Willy! I mean, Rice!

Free Willy! I mean, Rice!

OK, so I got sent this e-mail, from Ideal Bite (a cool, green living newsletter thing), and in the one for today, they had Free Rice, which is a vocabulary game, that for every one you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice. Which really isn't much, but it's a really addictive game. It's not easy either. It gets harder as you get them right, and easier as you get them wrong. They had crazy words that I had never heard (argillaceous apparently means clay-like), and words that were pretty easy (a fen is a marsh).

Oh, and apparently I haven't posted, like, anything about what's actually going on in my life. I've decided I'm going to do photography. I've convinced my mother to help me pay for a $700 camera. I'm taking 2 photo classes next semester at Santa Monica College. And I cannot possibly be more excited. I think what I fully want to do, long term, is Set Photography. I want to be the person who runs around on set taking pictures of people, getting paid by the promotional people to get the shots and still of the actors and the director and the camera to be published in Entertainment Weekly or some other magazine, or a press kit, or even in a behind the scenes package on the DVD. I'd get to work with cool people, but not actually have to deal with telling them what to do or get in their way, or babysit them!

I'm excited!

Also, in other news, some of my family is coming to visit for Christmas. My parents are coming in on Saturday, as is Kim (my dad's little brother through Big Brothers) and his wife and step-son, Yolanda and Stephen. Jessica is leaving for Singapore on Thursday, and she is crazy sick right now, and freaking out. We don't have a heater that works worth anything, so we're both more susceptible. The heater is in the wall, and heats the apartment upstairs nicely and the 3 square feet around it. So we haven't even turned it on this year.

Question of the Day: What are your Christmas plans?
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