repost: NaNoWriMo: #1

NaNoWriMo: #1

"I have a date tonight!" exclaimed Jenn as she hung up the phone.
"Really?" asked Melissa as she looked up from her computer. "Since when do you actually say yes when guys ask you out? And since when does any guy live up to your expectations?"
"Since I've decided to lower my standards a bit, " grimaced Jenn. Melissa looked across the room at her in that way she had of being skeptical and all-knowing at the same time. "OK! Ok, so I'm bored and lonely and don't want to spend Friday night by myself again."
"And what is wrong with having a girls movie night at my place?" Alex piped up. "I was thinking we could do The Devil Wears Prada."
"We haven't done movie night in over two months. One of you two always has a date, and I'm the one at home with my own bowl of popcorn and a book. Besides I watched that one last week."
"So we'll watch it again, tomorrow night. You go on your date and we'll do movie night at Alex's place tomorrow. We can make a day of it and go shopping." Melissa was the sensible one. "But for now, you have to tell us how you met this guy. What's he look like? What's his name, what does he do? What's his social security number?"
"Har, har, har. Very funny," Jenn replied. "He's 5'11, kinda cute. He's an accountant and his name is John." She listed his traits off like some kind of grocery list.
"Sounds like a real winner," Alex commented sarcastically. "You don't sound like you're that into him, why are you bothering?"
"Because it's been an ice age since I went out on a date and I'm out of practice. OK? What is this the Inquisition?"
"OK! OK, just one last question, and really, I already asked it, you just didn't answer it before: where did you meet him?" Melissa prodded.
Jenn muttered an answer that was garbled through a cough.
"Wait, what was that? I didn't hear that!!" Alex asked.
"Did you just say Online??" Melissa exclaimed, incredulously.
Jenn hung her head, partially in embarassment and because she was busy turning bright red.
"Oh honey!" Melissa said, turning sensitive as she noticed the other woman's discomfort. "We will fully support you in finding Mr. Right, or Mr. Right now. And I'm proud of you for joining whatever website to find a guy. It may take some duds before you find one that's worth anything, but it'll be worth it in the end, right?"
"Yeah, totally. My cousin in Ohio met her husband through one of those dating sites. She said you don't meet the most attractive guys through those, but they're usually pretty nice." Alex was clearly trying to make her feel better, and Jenn wasn't as embarassed now that she know the other women actually supported her decision. She knew she would get some good-natured teasing about it, but they would support her through the experience.

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