Snow Cake

This movie was thoroughly impressive. It was so well written and beautifully acted and directed. Alan Rickman is Alex, a man who having recently got out of jail gives a ride to a young woman and they get into a car accident. She dies, but he walks away with barely a scratch. Guilt ridden he visits he mother, Linda, played luminously by Sigourney Weaver. Where that doesn't sound like it would be even a little believable, she does it so well, so beautifully, that she's absolutely perfect in the role. Carrie-Anne Moss plays Maggie, Linda's neighbor, and love interest for Alex. The acting all around is fantastic and completely believable. The story and the way it helps each of the characters deal with the loss of Vivienne, Emily Hampshire, is touching, but not sappy.

The whole film can see life both through and around rose colored glasses. It's a wonderful film.

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HJS said...

Completely agree! I love this movie.