Russian Dolls

Ok, so there's this guy who comes through our drive through at Starbucks on a daily basis who gets nothing but a Grande black coffee. He sits in his car, smoking, and cursing in Russian to whoever he's on the phone with. He's totally like Russian mafia, or a spy or something. Today, I was talking with some of my co-workers, and apparently some of them are scared of him. Which I find incredibly funny. Because he's not a spy, though he could be. He's just tough. Viggo Mortensen is playing a Russian Mafia guy in a movie that is out or coming out soon, Eastern Promises, and I swear he bases his character on this guy.

Speaking of movies, I saw the new teaser trailer for The Dark Knight. It looks awesome. Heath Ledger is playing the Joker, which is a little tough after Jack Nicholson did it way back in the day. But, thank GOD! they're replacing Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal, i.e. someone who can actually act. I'm really pleased with that choice mostly because she was the only bad choice in the first movie.

The other trailer that I saw that I'm a little excited about was the "Iron Man" trailer. Robert Downey Jr. was probably the perfect choice to play an alcoholic billionaire inventor...

Question of the Day: How do you feel about root canals?

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"You know, I used to date your brother..."