Man on Fire

I mostly liked this movie. The story was good, the acting above par, but the camera work, didn't work with the story being told. Director Tony Scott uses the same kind of frenetic camera motions and cuts that he uses in Domino. The problem is where it works in Domino because of the sex, drugs, rock and roll feeling of that movie, this movie suffers because of it. The only point it's used to good effect is when Creasy, Denzel Washington, is incredibly drunk toward the beginning of the film. In other scenes, the frenetic pace that's manufactured in the editing room doesn't match the slow tension building up on screen that explodes when Creasy goes on his rampages. Dakota Fanning, as Pita, is precocious, as always, and turns in a performance as much like I'd expect her to be in real life as any (until of course she gets kidnapped).

A good movie, doesn't end exactly the way you expect, but it works out and feels like a true story.

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