Life Decisions

So I'm trying to make some decisions here, and I'm not doing very well at it. I like working at Starbucks, I really do, but I keep being forced to look at my current life situation. And it's not such a pretty outlook. Yes, I'll probably get the Assistant Manager promotion in about 6 months if I really go after it. And then I'll get the Store Manager promotion another year or two after that. Which mean I'll be 27 years old and working at Starbucks, living in Los Angeles, and not even having tried to get into what I came out here to do. Yes, I did the whole talent agency thing, and hated it, but I think it was just the wrong field for me. I think I need to work into the direction where I can get on set, or work in my own environment. Which leaves me with several options.

I can become a screenwriter. I mentioned this in my last entry, and while it's a plush job if you can get it, it's a hard job to get. Besides which I have a few ideas for scripts, none of which are fully developed enough to apply to a screen writing school, let alone try to get something produced on my own.

Another option is to get back into acting. I love this idea, I can pretend to be other people, and smile and look pretty for the camera, but just to get started, I would have to get headshots, and take classes, and start looking for auditions, and be willing to invest time and energy that I just don't have right now. Besides which, my schedule for work isn't very conducive to going to audition around. If I could get the same schedule every week it would be different. Or get the majority of my hours on the weekends. But I would still have to pay to get pictures and and get the printed, and the mail them out. Plus, my resume is hopeless: nothing on it is more recent than High School.

The last option is to go into Directing or Producing. I really like the idea of Producing because you run around like some kind of mad hatter making sure everything gets done on time and under budget. Plus you take care of everyone, getting needs met, but keeping people in line. Honestly I think it would be a good job for me, but again it's a really difficult job to get into. One of my neighbors is a producer, and I think I'm going to try to talk to him about what it takes to get into that. There's a training program that the DGA does that looks ideal because it would give me a boost into the industry. It's highly competitive, and it's a grueling program, but if I can get into it, I think it would be worth it.

The big problem is, it's all so hard to get into. I'm determined, but because I don't know precisely where I want to be, or what I want to do, I need advice. So I'm having lunch with Max on Wednesday, and I think I'm going to approach my neighbor at some point soon.

Question of the Day: If you have any words of wisdom, I would welcome them.

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wanderlusters said...

get yourself into a couple commercials.
that would give you the money to live on while you pursue the bigger avenues.
my friend's daughter and her boyfriend, Matt Bataglia are actors in L.A. but get by when they have to with a quickie commercial.
it's worth a shot.
you can look up Matt on the Web.

if you want to get noticed...sell yourself.
silly hats, tutu's, face paint
but have fun! if you look like everyone else...you just blend in.