High Spirits

I love this movie. I have loved it practically since it came out. I think I saw it on TV or something with my mom like a year or 2 after it was originally released, so I would have been around 7 years old when I first saw it. High Spirits is one of those movies that isn't really good. It doesn't have Oscar winning performances, or an amazing plot, but it's one of those movies that everyone wants to see because they're a lot of fun. This one has ghosts and love, and fighting and even small explosions. And a haunted bus. Peter Plunkett (played by Peter O'Toole) runs a hotel in an old Irish castle that has been in his family for centuries. Unfortunately, the mortgage holder is about to foreclose and move the entire castle, brick-by-brick to Malibu, for God-only-knows what reason. So as a last ditch effort, he bills the places as the most haunted place on Earth and dresses up his staff as ghosts and books the place full. He gets quite a lovely cast of characters as his guests, each one obnoxious in their own way. When they all discover the ruse, they decide to leave, which in turn makes the real ghosts angry. Steve Guttenberg plays an American who manages to fall for a ghost named Mary, played by Daryl Hannah. His wife, played by Beverly D'Angelo, falls for Mary's husband, Martin, played by Liam Neeson. It was originally supposed to be somewhat like A Midsummer Night's Dream, and I can see how, but apparently the producers had different ideas.

It all works out though because it turned out to be a great movie. One that probably shaped a lot of the way I look at movies.

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