Oh My. Not the best day ever. I get a ticket. Not a speeding ticket, or a traffic ticket or for anything normal, but for crossing the Freakin' double yellow line! I had "allegedly" pulled out around traffic to get into the turn lane too early, crossed the double yellows, into the middle lane, to get to the turn lane for about 150 feet. And of course LAPD has nothing better to do than set, essentially a speed trap for people doing exactly that, and I get pulled over. Never mind that the guy behind me does exactly the same thing. But I can totally contest it because the guy who worte me the ticket didn't even look at my registration very well, and put that the car was registered in my name, which of course it's not. My mom still owns it, and if he had actually looked at it he would have noticed that.

Oh I was so upset. He came up to the window and got my license and went back to his motorcycle, and I started crying. I know, I know, that's so stereotypical, but work today had been crazy, too many chefs in the kitchen type-of thing and nothing was getting done. But I was so stressed out, I just started crying, and I pretty much held it together when he was actually talking to me, but I think he could probably tell I had been crying. After he told me about what was going on, I sat there and cried a little bit more just to get it out of my system, and then I drove off. I swear that just makes me so upset! ARGH!!

But in other news (trying to be more upbeat), I have 2 new addictions. Jessica and I went shopping on Sunday before my date, up to the mall at Century City, and I had the most amazing the ever. Pinkberry. Oh my GOD! This stuff is amazing. It's frozen yogurt, but it's not trying to be ice-cream. It tastes like sweetened plain yogurt that you get in the grocery store, that would actually have live cultures in it. It's really good, tangy. Then the cool thing is they put topping on it: blueberries, strawberries, fruity pebbles, chocolate chips, almonds, coconut, kiwi, banana. And they've only got 2 flavors: Original (which is really unflavored, just sweetened) and Green Tea (which isn't as sweet as the Original, but it's also less tangy).

The other addiction I've formed is for Origins. They're a skincare company, but their products are amazing. They smell divine, and it's not done with "perfume", but with natural oils and extracts. They're great on my skin too. I've been using them for a few days now, and I love it. i'm taking longer in the bathroom now, but I actually enjoy it...

Question of the Day: What's your indulgence?

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