I am a smart one. I just tried to go to work an hour early. So I figure that I'd come back and type out a bit of a blog before I actually left. I had looked at the clock and saw 11:56 and thought it was 12:56. Oops. Oh, well.

On my way home from work yesterday I saw a seagull get run over by an SUV. It was strange because you so rarely see birds get run over. You normally see possum, or squirrels, or other small mammals, but this was a bird. I was going south on Lincoln, and I was stopped at a light. There were 3 seagulls on the opposite side of the road fighting over a half-eaten slice of pizza that was in the right-hand lane. When the light turned green, I was a ways back, so I couldn't go right away, but oncoming traffic did, and two of the three gulls abandoned their quarry, and the third one tried to carry it off, and wound up getting stuck, tail-first, under a large tire. The crunch was audible from the 20-some-odd feet away that I was in my car, but my windows were down. It was a little gruesome. I didn't stick around, but I don't think the bird died right away. The car that actually ran over it didn't stop right away, and traffic slowed down a bit, but I don't think anyone stopped. Those birds are inordinately stupid. And it's not like that was the first car in the column. It was the first car in the right lane, but there were probably 2 cars in the left lane before that car came along. I can still hear the crunch in my head.

I'm starting to get royally annoyed at my upstairs neighbors. They are so loud, all the time. They woke me up at 2:30 yesterday morning, and I almost called the cops on them again, but I couldn't remember what time I worked, and I looked at the wrong day. I wouldn't have cared as much if I had closed like I thought, but I had to be there at 6 am! I really should have filed another noise complaint. Not that it would necessarily make a difference, but it would be worth a shot.

I think I've decided to try and write a screenplay. Maybe even shoot it myself. They've got these cheap, disposable video cameras at CVS that I could use, and considering the plot I think I might want to go for, the lower quality might be a good thing.

So Criss Angel. [I get US Weekly because they killed off Premiere magazine (best magazine ever, and it died!). But I just got the last issue.] The guy is a major publicity hound. He's managed to hook up with so many famous chicks, or at least make it look like he's hooked up with them. A lot of them have been in the middle of other disasters (i.e. current fling with Ms. Spears). He's either a genius at getting press coverage for himself, or a total sleaze ball. Or both.

Speaking of Britney Spears, I think I might actually be starting to feel sorry for the girl. She's a total mess and she has to watch her life play out on the covers of magazines and on Entertainment Tonight. She's an awful mother, but she probably loves her kids. She's just too young. I blame the American Public for demanding to know every intricate private detail of stars' lives. It's not our right. Celebrities have a right to privacy just the same as anyone else.

Question of the Day: What's the strangest thing you've ever seen while driving?

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