3:10 to Yuma

I really had fun in this movie. It's a western and they're all usually so generic that this one was a bit of a pleasant surprise. Russell Crowe and Christian Bale star and anything with them in it is bound to be good. These two men can act. Russell Crowe (phone throwing aside) puts in a really solid performance of a character that you don't fully understand. Is he fully evil as he claims? If so, then why does he behave the way he does? Christian Bale plays a much more straight-forward character: a rancher, a father, a man going broke trying to save his family. The supporting cast is great too. I wasn't expecting Alan Tudyk to be in it, and I swear the poor man has yet to survive a film. Logan Lerman was a surprise, as William, the son of Dan Evans (Bale). He starts out very stereotypical teen-angsty, but the character development is quite good.

The overall script combined with the acting and directing of the piece make for a very good experience for movie, and that doesn't even include all the action sequences.

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