Family Ties

I know, I know...

I haven't written in a while, you can yell at me later, ok?

It's just that I've been watching a lot of movies lately, and I haven't even been doing the reviews on those, and I feel like I need to catch up on those before I do major updates on this blog about my personal life.

I feel very weird right now. I am currently in bed at my parents' house, in Florida! It's bizarre because I haven't been here in over a year and a half, and I'm spending 3 weeks here. I'm going to be seeing friends, spending time with my parents, and we're doing this big family reunion thing. My Grandfather and his wife, Robbie, are already here, and the rest of my mother's side of the family is arriving over the next two days. My Aunt Peggy and her 2 daughters come in tomorrow. My Uncle Matt, his wife and daughter (and her boyfriend) come in on friday, as well as my Aunt Diana and her 3 kids. My Uncle Mark isn't coming, something about bidding on a job, and not being able to get away for a weekend. He does clean welding, I think it's called-- the stuff they put inside nuclear reactors and power plants.

My family is crazy, but compared to families that I read about, or see in movies, they're pretty normal. They're all from central, very rural, Illinois, and since I was raised pretty much in San Francisco, I often times have a hard time understanding them. Preoccupations with alcohol and sex, but that's because there's not that much to do up there. I've spent small amounts of time in the town my cousins were raised in. I would go crazy if I had to live there long-term. My Aunt Peggy raised her two girls in New Jersey so they're a bit more sensible than they would have been otherwise. But my Aunt has also now been divorced twice. Not that I blame her. The guys she was married to were jack-asses, but that's gotta make things difficult.

My cousin Amiee (not Aimee) is the only one that's older than me, and that's only by about 9 months. My mother was the oldest of the 5 kids, and Amiee's father, Matt, was the second oldest. It's strange how she and I can be related and have so little in common. We have basic stuff, but we were raised so differently, with different values, that I feel like we don't have a lot to talk about. Recently, she's calmed down a lot, and I feel like I can talk to her easier, but now I'm the one who has to go out and sow my wild oats or something....

To completely change the subject, because I'm getting sleepy, I've been doing some cool things lately. I went to a party on Saturday for this Yelp thing. It was apparently the one year anniversary of having a separate LA yelp. It was totally cool too, because they did it like a prom, and everyone was all dressed up, and there was free drinks before 10, and I liked this one made with ginger flavored vodka and sprite. It was lots of fun.

And speaking of Yelp, I also found a guy to cut my hair through Yelp. He was great. Everyone who had gone to see him had given him 5 stars, and he had a %50 off deal for first-time people. It's a really cute cut, and I'll try to get a picture up, but I somehow doubt I'll succeed...

Question of the Day: What's crazy about your family?

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