After the Wedding

This is a strange movie. It's in Dutch, I think and even watching the preview right before-hand, you have no idea what to expect. It's not strange in the vein of "Delicatessen" or "Secretary", more in that when you think the movie has nowhere else to go, it keeps going because it's just a slice of life for these people. In that respect it's similar to a movie by Pedro Almodovar, but it's less twisted (think incest and rape). This movie starts with a guy who does humanitarian work in India going back to Denmark to try to get funding for an orphanage that he's started. The man he's supposedly getting funding from insists on meeting him personally. Upon his arrival, he gets invited to the other man's daughter's wedding. When he gets to the wedding he meets the mother of the daughter who he appears to have met before, and the movie continues to unfold. It simply continues on and on and on, unraveling. It could have even have gone on from where it ended. I can see why it was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. It lost to The Lives of Others though, so it really didn't stand a chance.

A really interesting, engrossing film.

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