Puccini for Beginners

This movie tried so hard to be a Woody Allen movie. One of the really good ones from way back when. The problem was, they tried to follow some formula, that didn't quite work. It missed some things, and it was trying too hard to be everything all at once. It tries to do the bits where people around the main character, Allegra, are talking to her, telling her what she's thinking, but only where it's really obvious. There's the love triangle thing, but the main character doesn't seem neurotic enough to pull everything off. She's commitment-phobic, and somehow manages to get into two relationships at once. The whole plot-line is thin and drawn-out, convoluted and silly. It does have its funny moments though. The characters in it are thinly played. Allegra is annoying, Grace is vapid, and Philip is whiny.

It could have been good, but it just tried too hard.

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