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The wedding this weekend was beautiful. I know, I know, people say that about every wedding they go to, but this one was special because it was between two people that I've known for 6, 7 or so years. I can't really remember. I think I met them both in 1999, so that would even be 8 years. Geoff & Rissa. If there were a better way to combine their names than Georissa (which just sounds silly) or Riff (just, no), we would have. The Hollywood thing of combining names totally copies off of us. At any rate, the wedding was at Rissa's parents' place, which was a completely genius place to have it. Parking was semi-evil, but it all worked out. They live on a tiny road on a cliff in Santa Barbara, that overlooks the ocean, and one of the islands that're out there (Which look a lot closer than they are). The wedding started around 5:45-ish, and it was beautiful. There was a point in the ceremony that the celebrant, Charles (a friend of their family), asked if we would witness their union and uphold it, and we didn't give an enthusiastic reply, and Rissa turned and asked, "Are you sure?" But they were so obviously happy and everyone was smiling, and then I started tearing up. Not sad tears, or anything like that. It was one of those moments where you're just so happy, the emotions just kinda overflow.

Afterwards, we went to the front yard for cocktails and snack-type foods, all mexican themed, and all tasty. That way the staff of caterers and people could move chairs around, set up tables and all that stuff. Eventually, we got called back to the other side of the house to dinner and it was kinda do-it-yourself Mexican food. Tacos and such, which sounds odd at a wedding, but it worked. They did the cake, which was tasty, and then Rissa threw the bouquet. Now, honestly, I should not have been the one to catch it, but the person who should have, had her gallbladder removed on Wednesday, so she was lying down in the back of the house. The only reason I caught it was because I'm so freakin' tall! I literally just reached up and there was really no chance of anyone else getting it.

After the wedding, I had to drive Derrek & Emily to the airport here. We went back to Geoff & Rissa's apartment, slept for like 3 hours, they packed, and then we left at like 4am. It was a relatively easy drive only because Derrek kept me awake. I was tired. I haven't done an opening shift in a long time, and I needed just a little more sleep at that point.

Yesterday, I got to play Hannelore and count everything in the store. I had to completely re-organize the back room first, but it all kinda worked out. Plus, I got like an hour of overtime.

In other work news it looks like I'm getting another promotion on top of the one I have now. I'm currently training for the Shift Supervisor position, and I'll spend 6-8 months doing that, then I'll get the ASM promotion. I'm excited about it!!

I just have to find a boy to go with that bouquet...

Question of the Day: Whose was the last wedding you went to?

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BlueCoder said...

Congratulations on the future promotion and the new bike. It's amazing how things turn around given a little time.

You'll find your prince, you just have to dance with a lot of frogs. It's a numbers game. And don't be
afraid to ask guys to hang out as "friends" and to actually make a move if you like someone; guys are idiots.

Love is like lotto. The more tickets you buy the better your chances of winning.