Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I didn't enjoy this one as much as the last one. There are a few spots where the movie dragged, and they left some cool stuff out of the book. (I know, I know, the movie is supposed to cut out a bunch of stuff for pacing and length.) The peripheral characters in the movie lacked development, they did stuff and they didn't have any kind of motivation that was visible on-screen. The movie tried very hard to condense the book, and instead threw in characters that didn't make sense on-screen. Knowing what will happen in the next book, they were able to do some 'character development' of peripheral characters, but unless you've read those books, you don't understand it. Supporting characters are glossed over, and rather than given proper screen time for the telling of their story lines, they are given cursory glances. The Cho storyline is nothing more than a kiss. And while I understand this, from an adaptation standpoint. But from the point of watching the movie, thing were missing.

Not the best in the series.

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