Everything and Nothing

I've been thinking lately about my personality, and my tendency to try to be everything all at once. And I'm not even sure I"m trying. So much of it is natural... I'm both very straightforward in asking for what I want, but I'm very shy, especially when it comes to relationships. I'm blind, but only in one eye, and I can see perfectly out of the other. I'm bossy, and still follow directions well (I like to think). I'm easy to get along with, but I can be very high-maintenance. It's so weird, like whoever built me decided they wanted me to be good at everything, but at nothing, and be neurotic and lazy, and all this other crap that I've got going on.


No wonder I can't find a relationship, I'm far too complicated. Nothing is ever easy...

Question of the Day: What makes you complicated?


Anonymous said...

Honey, I am totally the same way!! Don't worry...just follow your heart and keep positive...it will work out in the end. I was fortunate enough to find a group of friends with the same issues...can't wait for you to meet them in August!


BlueCoder said...

Think positive. For every guy you meet and get to know you are that much closer to finding him.

But I suggest you think, don't be a typical woman, forget about words, sure they sound nice and probably make you feel good but words aren't the person. Players are full of words. LA is full of liars.

Either judge by actions or find someone that says the wrong things and puts his foot in him mouth and hence is a bad liar. Think outside the box.

If he was so easy to find and have would you really want him?