Maybe Baby

This movie isn't great. It isn't really very good either. It's funny, in it's way, especially if you know people who have gone through any kind of fertility treatments, and it's real, in that Hollywood way (people are still too beautiful, and things just a little too outlandish). But what I really love about this movie is it's cast. Everyone plays their roles well, but when you look at who they are and what they've done since then, I find this movie even more amusing. At the point this movie was made, most of the supporting cast was either A-list cameos (i.e. Emma Thompson or Rowan Atkinson), or what I find really funny, C-list actors, who now, are almost edging onto A-list. For example, Tom Hollander plays the director who is part Welsh, part Scot, part god only knows what else, all rolled up into this obnoxious, drug-addled, prat. Matthew Macfadyen plays a complete wanker of a boss, and Kelly Reilly makes a small cameo as an actress towards the end of the film. If any of those names are familiar, it's because they make up half the cast of Pride & Prejudice. Even the two main characters have TV shows, Joely Richardson was on Nip/Tuck for 3 years, and Hugh Laurie is the wonderful, gruff yet lovable House MD.

It's not a great movie, it has it's moments, but when you know where the people interact beyond this screen, it's a lot funnier.

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