I fall down...

It sucked...

So the other day, I got off work, and decided I had to go to Trader Joe's. I refuse to drive my car there, unless I'm stopping on my way home, and at this point I was already home. So I grab the shiny new bike and head out. The previous week I had ridden all the way from home to work and back, somewhere around 6 miles each way. I had to get the basket replaced because they gave me the wrong one to go with the mount I got, but It's all set up now, and I can just go. At any rate, I get on the bike, and I'm cruin' along to the grocery store, and at one point I decide not to go around the parked cars because there is some traffic coming up behind me. No big deal, there's a driveway to the car dealership and I can get up to the sidewalk without having to jump a curb. It's a driveway. So I head for it, and I misjudge, or something because my wheel decides to stay in the gutter, while the rest of the bike, and all of my bodily momentum continue trying to get onto the sidewalk. It's hard to describe using only words because there's like a one inch curb from the gutter & street up to the sidewalk and driveway, but somehow my wheel said, "No." I'm used to using hand gestures to describe this at this point. Anyway, I wound up doing a kind of face-plant into the sidewalk. My shoulder landed first, and I've lost a layer of skin off of that (it hurts the most), and then my chin hit the ground. It only got a little scraped up, three days later and the scabs are already gone (with a little help). My bike is fine too, the basket is a little bent, but not so much that it's unusable.

On an entirely different line of thought, I am sitting here typing away, in my apartment, and I've got the door open, and just the screen door shut. One of the neighbors has a cat named Porsche, and she is the most fantastic cat ever. She will go up to anyone and let them pet her, as long as they're a decent person. There's a couple of guys in the building that she won't go near, which I find kinda funny. At any rate, she loves sitting right outside our door, almost like she's guarding us. As far as I know, she only does it when just the screen door is shut, but then you can't easily see outside when the real door is shut. I love that cat. When I got locked out (like the genius that I am), she sat outside with me and kept me company, allowing me to pet her, until I finally gave up and broke in. That was fun... (Please tell me you sensed the sarcasm there.)

Question of the Day: What's your favorite animal? (In general, not necessarily a pet.)

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