I am super excited!! I have a date tomorrow! I went to a party at Damon's place on Friday. It was a birthday party for DR (she was the assistant manager at the store just as I was leaving). There was a ton of people there, and I brought a little bit of food, a pie, and some mashed potatoes. But right as I got there, I met a few different guys. But this guy totally caught my eye, and I guess I caught his too, because we spent a good hour and a half talking and some more time than that being that couple in the corner making out. I've never been part of that couple! It's so odd to think that I have been now. I've been in the corner for two hours making out with a guys that I had just met, but I felt completely at ease with. Now that may have been the little bit of alcohol I had, or something in the air, but it happened. I had to work the next day, at a really freakin' early time, and he came in to see me, which was way cool, and then we're supposedly going out tomorrow night. He's supposed to be calling me, and I'm trying not to be anxious. I don't have his number, but he has mine, so I'm trying very hard to distract myself.

It's really funny though because on Saturday, yesterday, and even today, I'm taking all sorts of crap from the guys because of it. Damon and Robert were pretending like I had dumped them or something, because of course, I'm only allowed to hang out with them as long as I'm single. But then they took to riffing on him, saying that if he hurt me or treated me badly or whatever, they would feed his feet to rats, and then the rats to cats. The cats would then get fed to snakes, which would get eaten by birds, which in turn would get eaten sharks. The sharks would get eaten by dolphins, which would get caught in the nets of non-dolphin safe tuna. And of course then we'd all have tuna salad for dinner. It was really really funny. I guess you had to be there....

But since Lisandro brought him to the party (another co-worker and good friend), he stayed later than I did, and people were saying he's a really nice guy. I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up, because I just know that if I do, I will just wind up with those hopes dashed all over the ground. At the bottom of a cliff.

In other news, I bought a new bike for myself. It's an Electra 21 Townie, and it's really cool. It's blue with a white seat and handles, and 21-speeds. It goes fast.... I'm happy. Eventually, I'm hoping to be able to ride it to work.

And speaking of work... I started my training for my promotion today!!! Yay!! This means more money (double yay!) and more responsibilities, which means I won't get fed up with the job as quickly. I've already been with Starbucks for 7 and a half months. Which really isn't that long when you think about it, but it's a long time for me. I get bored easily.

I need to blog more, I have too much to talk about now.

My parents just got to Rochester, MN. My dad starts at the Mayo Clinic tomorrow. It's kinda scary, thinking about the fact that my dad is so sick that they're sending him to Mayo. Though talking with him over the phone is getting harder and harder. He's not following conversations, forgetting previous conversations, and repeating himself. And e-mail jokes. He gets so many of them, it's insane. And than he'll send the same one 2 or three times because he'll copy it into Word, into his "Jokes Folder" on his computer, and then e-mail it both before and after he's done that, and then people will send him multiple copies. I think that's one of the reasons I do the Jokes Blog, because it's an archive of the e-mails that I get. In a way. Hmmm...

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