Audrey Hepburn is always amazing, and this just proves it. Cary Grant is suave and cool as Peter/ Alexander/ Adam/ Brian. They re-made this movie a few times, but none of them could be as good as this one, I know many people think this is one of Hitchcock's movies, but it's not, it's by a guy named Stanley Donen. The movie starts out with the murder of Charles Lampert, but his wife, Regina (Audrey Hepburn) knows nothing about it. She returns to Paris after a vacation, and finds him dead, their flat cleaned out, and apparently he had stolen $250,000 dollars. She is told to find it by several different people, threatened, and chased. Among all this, she is thrown in with Cary Grant, whose identity keeps changing: is he after her? Is he after the money? Is he just a thief? Various characters start dying, upping the ante. The romance is fantastic. The dialogue is great. This is the kind of film that took no special effects. Though they did spend some money animating their opening credits which look way cool. Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn have a surprising amount of chemistry on screen, especially when you consider their age difference (25 years).

A great movie, sadly slightly lost because of copyright problems.

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