5 min.

Ok, so I have like 5 minutes to type as much as I possibly can.

I was going over some of my old blogs and I noticed that I had started a coupled of blogs and must have goten distracted by something, probably a movie and never finished them. Either way, if you only know me by my blog, as I know a few of you do, you don't know a few things. Number one, I got a new bike. Infinitely cooler than my original bike. I seem to remember typing something about this earlier, but I can't remember if it actually got published or not.

Number two, I'm happy about Paris Hilton being in Jail. I was reading US weekly yesterday, and as John Cusak says, "All heiresses should go to jail." I started laughing a lot when I read that. I totally agree. She's a useless piece of fluff.

Ok, my 5 minutes just turned into 7 and I have to go to work...

Question of the Day: How fast do you type?

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