5 min.

Ok, so I have like 5 minutes to type as much as I possibly can.

I was going over some of my old blogs and I noticed that I had started a coupled of blogs and must have goten distracted by something, probably a movie and never finished them. Either way, if you only know me by my blog, as I know a few of you do, you don't know a few things. Number one, I got a new bike. Infinitely cooler than my original bike. I seem to remember typing something about this earlier, but I can't remember if it actually got published or not.

Number two, I'm happy about Paris Hilton being in Jail. I was reading US weekly yesterday, and as John Cusak says, "All heiresses should go to jail." I started laughing a lot when I read that. I totally agree. She's a useless piece of fluff.

Ok, my 5 minutes just turned into 7 and I have to go to work...

Question of the Day: How fast do you type?



Gabcast!! My first time...

This is my first ever podcast/gabcast/audio thing.... I recorded when I was on the way to the airport to pick up my mother, and I talked about a lot of random stuff... It doesn't really sound like me, or at least the way I sound in my head, but I was very hyper while recording it, so that might explain it....

I fall down...

It sucked...

So the other day, I got off work, and decided I had to go to Trader Joe's. I refuse to drive my car there, unless I'm stopping on my way home, and at this point I was already home. So I grab the shiny new bike and head out. The previous week I had ridden all the way from home to work and back, somewhere around 6 miles each way. I had to get the basket replaced because they gave me the wrong one to go with the mount I got, but It's all set up now, and I can just go. At any rate, I get on the bike, and I'm cruin' along to the grocery store, and at one point I decide not to go around the parked cars because there is some traffic coming up behind me. No big deal, there's a driveway to the car dealership and I can get up to the sidewalk without having to jump a curb. It's a driveway. So I head for it, and I misjudge, or something because my wheel decides to stay in the gutter, while the rest of the bike, and all of my bodily momentum continue trying to get onto the sidewalk. It's hard to describe using only words because there's like a one inch curb from the gutter & street up to the sidewalk and driveway, but somehow my wheel said, "No." I'm used to using hand gestures to describe this at this point. Anyway, I wound up doing a kind of face-plant into the sidewalk. My shoulder landed first, and I've lost a layer of skin off of that (it hurts the most), and then my chin hit the ground. It only got a little scraped up, three days later and the scabs are already gone (with a little help). My bike is fine too, the basket is a little bent, but not so much that it's unusable.

On an entirely different line of thought, I am sitting here typing away, in my apartment, and I've got the door open, and just the screen door shut. One of the neighbors has a cat named Porsche, and she is the most fantastic cat ever. She will go up to anyone and let them pet her, as long as they're a decent person. There's a couple of guys in the building that she won't go near, which I find kinda funny. At any rate, she loves sitting right outside our door, almost like she's guarding us. As far as I know, she only does it when just the screen door is shut, but then you can't easily see outside when the real door is shut. I love that cat. When I got locked out (like the genius that I am), she sat outside with me and kept me company, allowing me to pet her, until I finally gave up and broke in. That was fun... (Please tell me you sensed the sarcasm there.)

Question of the Day: What's your favorite animal? (In general, not necessarily a pet.)



So I just had to post a quick blog about this because I found it funny. I bought wood the other day at Home Depot to fix my bed, and because the 8'x4' piece of wood was too big, I'm using the remainder to turn a piece of furniture in my kitchen into something more sensible. At any rate, I just spent part of the morning starting to sand it, but needing a break, I come inside, grab a mint (those chocolate covered Altoids are awesome), and decide it's a good idea to tweeze my eyebrows. So I go from something very masculine to something very feminine in the space of 3 minutes. Amusing? I think so...

Question of the Day: when was the last time you did something strange like that?


What's Up, Doc?

This movie is so classic. It's early 70s, so it's very unpretentious, but it's just outright funny. It's all about 4 identical travel bags and how everything goes haywire when people start trying to steal one or another, and there's more than one involved. And they're all on the same hall of the same floor of the same hotel. There are so many shenanigans, and little things that make fun of other things going on at the time (the last line of the movie is the best ever). Barbara Streisand is incredible in this. She sings, but it's not a musical. Ryan O'Neal is really funny as a slightly absent-minded musical researcher competing for a grant.

It's a screwball comedy. 'Nuff said.


Wait, it's june right now, I know, but I'm going to Florida in August for my mom's birthday, and a family reunion-type thing, and I'm starting to make plans. Right now, apparently, not everyone is actually planning on coming. There was an unplanned family reunion a few months ago when my great-grandmother died. I was really upset that I couldn't go to her funeral, but it really couldn't be helped. Funerals are always so last minute. I wasn't able to go to my Grandmother's either, but I didn't feel so bad about that one because I was actually there when she died. That was upsetting.

But I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing in terms of travel plans, how long I'm going to stay, what I'm going to bring, food that I'll probably be cooking. My mom has an amazing kitchen, and I miss it a lot, so I'll probably be doing a meal or two, a few dishes, and all that. She's got granite counters, a professional Dynasty range, a huge fridge. I'm so jealous. I miss her house. I'm glad I have my own place, I'm not renting from anyone else, but I miss her kitchen. I'm going to be making iced tea at the very least, but I'm trying to figure out the ratios of how to do it in larger than one serving. When I do it at work, I get a short cup (8 oz.) and brew one bag of Refresh (Mint tea), and one bag of Wild Sweet Orange, Then I pour it into a grande cup (16 oz.) full of ice. I usually add a little bit of classic syrup or a couple packets of sugar just to sweeten it a bit. This works well when I double the recipe too, and do it into a water bottle that I have that's 32 oz, but I can't find it for some reason right now. I'm assuming it's somewhere in my car, or maybe at Damon's place, because I have no clue where I left it right now.

I'm trying to figure out when the appropriate time to call a guy is. I said I'd call him, after our lunch thing on Friday, and I want to call him, but I know I won't be able to do anything until Tuesday. I'm thinking I could probably call him today at the earliest, but tomorrow is probably the best idea. I don't like this "dating" thing. It does nothing but confuse me, especially since I don't know any of the rules...

Question of the Day: What's your favorite iced tea?


I've got the blues...

Or maybe I'm just really bored. I'm not really sure. I'm kinda just in a funk. I'm not in the mood to watch a movie, (Wait, what? This is ME we're talking about here!) so I'm just sitting here on the couch wondering what to do.

I got the invitation to my friends' wedding at the end of the month, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do. I'm planning on going up there (Santa Barbara) on Friday, doing the Welcome Barbecue thing they have planned, and then the wedding & reception on Saturday, then late Saturday/ early Sunday, driving back. I only say I'm going to do that because I promised Derrek that I'd drive him to the airport so he can fly back to Vermont. He's silly like that. The problem is, he's got something like an 8am flight, so we either have to leave the night before, likely during the reception, or dance the night away and leave at around 4am or so. I can do it either way as long as there's a Starbucks somewhere. I will need caffeine at some point, and I don't want to deal with 7/11 coffee. Blech.

So by now you should know about the whole ordeal with Paris Hilton. She had to go to jail for driving with a suspended license after getting a DUI. She deserved it. Then she got out of jail after something like 5 days to go to house arrest which was counter to the original judge's ruling, i.e. not allowed, and of course now she's back in jail. I'm loving this. All of it. As I have said before, she's a useless piece of fluff. She may be a smart girl, but she completely wastes it. She could probably be attractive if she gained a little weight so she wasn't 90 pounds. The problem is that she expects all this special treatment, and then she gets it, and she's completely spoiled. She was apparently dragged out of the courtroom as she was being thrown back in jail, screaming for her mommy. I have absolutely no pity for her. If I tried to pull any of the crap she's done, my parents would probably disown me and help the authorities lock me up. DUI? I'm not that stupid in the first place. I know I've got a crazy low tolerance for alcohol, that's why I don't drink. But driving on a suspended license? Really? There's no way she didn't know when it was supposed to be reinstated. And besides, this is Paris Hilton we're talking about: hire a frickin' driver!!!! She tried to use the stupidest defense in the book, "I didn't know..." and then she tried to buy a Get out of Jail Free card. Listen honey, they just don't exist. Not in real life. Not even in my version of Monopoly (I lost them all, I was collecting them to try to use in real life). So, suck it up, deal with the fact that you have serve your time (all 45 days instead of a shortened sentence), and Grow Up!!!

Now that I've ranted a bit about how much I really don't like her and everything Paris Hilton stands for, I can actually talk with a level head about what's going on. Supposedly, and I don't know how true any of this is, she's serving a much harsher sentence than is really necessary. Honestly, I'm not sure where the law actually falls on jail time for what she actually did, but I am aware that she is being made an example out of. She's a huge public figure, for God only knows what reason, the only credits she has to her name are a bad horror movie, a reality TV series and a sex tape. But nearly everyone has that stuff anymore. I'm thinking of getting dirty myself and making a bad horror movie. (You though I was going to say sex tape didn't you? Not my style.) The only other reason she's famous is because she's an heiress and because she's caused so much gossip and controversy ever since that sex tape came out.

I can't talk about this anymore. It's pissing me off, however, in other exciting news, I think I'm learning to touch-type. I type about 40 wpm, but I still look at the keys when I type. But if I just stop looking and let myself stop thinking about it, I can actually almost type with me eyes closed. (I just did that sentence, but I had to edit the Y's because I had put in U's accidentally. Oops! but not bad, eh?)

But I'm so neurotic about it all that I just have to stop thinking about it....

I had a training session for work today. I had to go to the learning center and learn how to be a shift supervisor. I already know a lot of it, so this was really just a refresher course, but it's still required, and the people there were kinda cool. I'm excited about this promotion. As you can tell...

Question of the Day: How did you learn to type?

Maybe Baby

This movie isn't great. It isn't really very good either. It's funny, in it's way, especially if you know people who have gone through any kind of fertility treatments, and it's real, in that Hollywood way (people are still too beautiful, and things just a little too outlandish). But what I really love about this movie is it's cast. Everyone plays their roles well, but when you look at who they are and what they've done since then, I find this movie even more amusing. At the point this movie was made, most of the supporting cast was either A-list cameos (i.e. Emma Thompson or Rowan Atkinson), or what I find really funny, C-list actors, who now, are almost edging onto A-list. For example, Tom Hollander plays the director who is part Welsh, part Scot, part god only knows what else, all rolled up into this obnoxious, drug-addled, prat. Matthew Macfadyen plays a complete wanker of a boss, and Kelly Reilly makes a small cameo as an actress towards the end of the film. If any of those names are familiar, it's because they make up half the cast of Pride & Prejudice. Even the two main characters have TV shows, Joely Richardson was on Nip/Tuck for 3 years, and Hugh Laurie is the wonderful, gruff yet lovable House MD.

It's not a great movie, it has it's moments, but when you know where the people interact beyond this screen, it's a lot funnier.


strange days

So this thing, with the guy? Keeps getting more and more confusing. He finally called last night, and we went out to lunch today. It wasn't even a date. We talked about all sorts of stuff, and we get along really well. I'm really attracted to him, and he said he was attracted to me. The reason he said he didn't call was something about it being kinda crazy really quickly, and he was like, "Wait, what?" So, I'm not really sure what's going on. Rather than the kiss he had given me the previous times we met, he gave me one more cursory when we parted. Honestly though that may have had something to do with what I had eaten for lunch, a food he said he didn't like.

After lunch, I came home and got on my bike (yay new stuff) and I had to go get a new basket for it. I had gotten one, but the bracket and the basket didn't match, so I had to get a new basket to go with the bracket. So I biked over to the bike shop, then I went over to work, just to see how long it would take to get over there. It took an hour for me to get there and an hour to get back. My legs hurt. A lot.

Question of the Day:


boys suck.

Ok, so I thought I had met a nice guy. I really did. Lisandro said he was nice, and probably a good match. But I never got a call from him. We were supposed to go out tonight, and I never got a call, never heard anything. I stayed busy all day, doing laundry, going to the farmer's market, having lunch with Princess (girl from work- we were celebrating her finishing school for the semester). But I was thinking about it all day. I'm hoping he didn't get into a car accident or something, because I didn't think it was that bad. I don't think I'm creepy or weird. I thought there was some kind of connection. He's the one who suggested we go out tonight, and then he came in and saw me while I was at work on Saturday. So, I can't figure it out. Unless he wasn't really single. Or maybe it's just that today, Y chromosomes everywhere are banned from using the phone. Jessica hasn't gotten a call back from Kyle, and apparently someone else's phone has been turned off. Robert called me to verify that he can get a ride to work tomorrow, but that really doesn't count.

I think I knew yesterday that he wasn't going to call, because he hadn't called last night by the time I went to bed, and I was stressing out about it. I had an awful dream right before I woke up, and when I did wake up I was sobbing. I looked up some of the symbolism in the dream and all of it was saying I was not facing negative things, and need to confront my fears. In the dream, I was a young child and was running away from a bunch of people that I had to defend myself from. In the process of running we went through fields (like of wheat or something), a bathhouse, and a carnival-type place. To analyze:
  1. Child: To dream of your childhood, indicates your wish to return to a life where you had little responsibility and worries. It also represents innocence.

  2. Running Away: To dream that you are running away from someone, indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid. You are not taking or accepting responsibility for your actions. In particular, if you are running from an attacker or any danger, then it suggests that you are not facing and confronting your fears.

  3. Defend: To dream that you are defending yourself, suggests an underlying hurt. It may parallel a waking life situation where you are being put on the defensive.

  4. Fields: To see dead or barren fields, signifies lack, pessimism and your jaded prospects for the future.

  5. Sauna: To dream of a sauna, suggests that you need to be more open and receptive to others opinions and ideas. You may also need to rid yourself of the negativities in your life.

  6. Carnival: To dream that you are at the carnival, represents falsehoods and deception. If you observe freakish sights, then it denotes that there is a lack of harmony in your domestic life.

All of these are from
Dream Moods.com
. I wonder what I'm going to dream tonight...

Question of the Day: What's an interesting dream for you?



I am super excited!! I have a date tomorrow! I went to a party at Damon's place on Friday. It was a birthday party for DR (she was the assistant manager at the store just as I was leaving). There was a ton of people there, and I brought a little bit of food, a pie, and some mashed potatoes. But right as I got there, I met a few different guys. But this guy totally caught my eye, and I guess I caught his too, because we spent a good hour and a half talking and some more time than that being that couple in the corner making out. I've never been part of that couple! It's so odd to think that I have been now. I've been in the corner for two hours making out with a guys that I had just met, but I felt completely at ease with. Now that may have been the little bit of alcohol I had, or something in the air, but it happened. I had to work the next day, at a really freakin' early time, and he came in to see me, which was way cool, and then we're supposedly going out tomorrow night. He's supposed to be calling me, and I'm trying not to be anxious. I don't have his number, but he has mine, so I'm trying very hard to distract myself.

It's really funny though because on Saturday, yesterday, and even today, I'm taking all sorts of crap from the guys because of it. Damon and Robert were pretending like I had dumped them or something, because of course, I'm only allowed to hang out with them as long as I'm single. But then they took to riffing on him, saying that if he hurt me or treated me badly or whatever, they would feed his feet to rats, and then the rats to cats. The cats would then get fed to snakes, which would get eaten by birds, which in turn would get eaten sharks. The sharks would get eaten by dolphins, which would get caught in the nets of non-dolphin safe tuna. And of course then we'd all have tuna salad for dinner. It was really really funny. I guess you had to be there....

But since Lisandro brought him to the party (another co-worker and good friend), he stayed later than I did, and people were saying he's a really nice guy. I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up, because I just know that if I do, I will just wind up with those hopes dashed all over the ground. At the bottom of a cliff.

In other news, I bought a new bike for myself. It's an Electra 21 Townie, and it's really cool. It's blue with a white seat and handles, and 21-speeds. It goes fast.... I'm happy. Eventually, I'm hoping to be able to ride it to work.

And speaking of work... I started my training for my promotion today!!! Yay!! This means more money (double yay!) and more responsibilities, which means I won't get fed up with the job as quickly. I've already been with Starbucks for 7 and a half months. Which really isn't that long when you think about it, but it's a long time for me. I get bored easily.

I need to blog more, I have too much to talk about now.

My parents just got to Rochester, MN. My dad starts at the Mayo Clinic tomorrow. It's kinda scary, thinking about the fact that my dad is so sick that they're sending him to Mayo. Though talking with him over the phone is getting harder and harder. He's not following conversations, forgetting previous conversations, and repeating himself. And e-mail jokes. He gets so many of them, it's insane. And than he'll send the same one 2 or three times because he'll copy it into Word, into his "Jokes Folder" on his computer, and then e-mail it both before and after he's done that, and then people will send him multiple copies. I think that's one of the reasons I do the Jokes Blog, because it's an archive of the e-mails that I get. In a way. Hmmm...

Question of the Day:



Audrey Hepburn is always amazing, and this just proves it. Cary Grant is suave and cool as Peter/ Alexander/ Adam/ Brian. They re-made this movie a few times, but none of them could be as good as this one, I know many people think this is one of Hitchcock's movies, but it's not, it's by a guy named Stanley Donen. The movie starts out with the murder of Charles Lampert, but his wife, Regina (Audrey Hepburn) knows nothing about it. She returns to Paris after a vacation, and finds him dead, their flat cleaned out, and apparently he had stolen $250,000 dollars. She is told to find it by several different people, threatened, and chased. Among all this, she is thrown in with Cary Grant, whose identity keeps changing: is he after her? Is he after the money? Is he just a thief? Various characters start dying, upping the ante. The romance is fantastic. The dialogue is great. This is the kind of film that took no special effects. Though they did spend some money animating their opening credits which look way cool. Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn have a surprising amount of chemistry on screen, especially when you consider their age difference (25 years).

A great movie, sadly slightly lost because of copyright problems.