It is so seldom that a film has a cast that has so entirely become their characters. In Waitress, each of the actors so completely immerse themselves in their characters' personalities that you no longer look at Nathan Fillion, or Kerri Russell, or Andy Griffith. The story is wonderful and bittersweet and believable with just that touch or romantic fantasy. Kerri Russel plays Jenna who starts out at the beginning of the movie, depressed and just finding out she's pregnant, married to a man who has changed drastically since they married, Earl, played by Jeremy Sisto (amazing as the abusive husband). The Director/Writer, Adrienne Shelly, also played one of Jenna's friends, and her story is just so sad. She was murdered, allegedly by a construction worker after she filed a noise complaint, so she never got to see her film do well at Sundance, and generally be an amazing film. Plus, we'll never get to see more from her. The whole movie has this blend of real and fantastical elements that is so wonderful and feel-good.

The Distributor was right to release it for Mother's Day, it's a great film for that.

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