I don't even know where to start with this movie. Penelope Cruz is luminous in it. In her own language, where you aren't struggling to get past her accent, and she isn't type-cast into some kind of arm-candy immigrant of some kind, she's completely amazing. Pedro Almodóvar has used her in quite a few of his films, and is probably responsible in many ways for much of her career. This film though is about several women, primarily Raimunda (Cruz), her sister, Sole (Lola Dueñas), and her daughter, Paula. Almodovar's films always seem to be about the happy moments you find during the hard times in your life. They never quite end, there's never a full resolution to them, but it works perfectly because life doesn't end. Life continues on after the end credits roll. The movie starts off with death, and ends with truth and life, and I know that's kind of a cheesy description, but to go into more detail would be to give away the best parts.

An amazing movie about amazing women going through a slice of hard times. (That's a little oversimplified.)

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