Spider-man 3

So I saw this one last Tuesday and it was good. I'm not going to rave about it though like everyone else is, or even like I normally do. Don't get me wrong now, I enjoyed the movie, it was fun, the fights were great, but the whole movie seemed to be slightly overdone. During the whole movie, Peter Parker is getting very full of himself very fond of the love he's getting from the city. Mary Jane on the other hand is getting really depressed because she had one day on Broadway and then was fired. So they're no longer connecting on a depression level. Meanwhile, Harry hates Peter, but bumps his head, and can't remember that part (highly believable, I know), but eventually, his father's ghost reminds him of his hatred. The coolest part of the movie is the opening credits where they do mini-flashbacks to the previous two movies to refresh your memory of what happened, or to let you know, if you're one of the three people who missed them. As I said before the fights were fantastic. Topher Grace proves that he probably should have been cast as Spider-man in the first place, and does a wonderful Venom. When he's good he's really great (as long as he picks good movies). Thomas Hayden Church really surprised me as the conman with a soft spot who gets turned into the Sandman. My biigest problem with this movie is when Peter Parker is affected by Venom, he channels Fall Out Boy, and I mean the band. He's all 'emo' and dressed in an all black suit, and the hair flopped over his forehead, and the silly dance moves that only he thinks are cool. It's like the director, Sam Raimi, is ripping on an entire section of a generation. Not that I necessarily blame him, but it was unnecessary. I don't believe that that is what Peter Parker sees as cool. Not only that but in the end, the movie gets all preachy, and moralistic. It's trying to say, "Don't be cocky or you'll lose your girl." "You have to put aside your differences and be friends." "Work towards a common goal." "Forgive and Forget." All that stuff that you usually see this kind of summer blockbuster to forget or ignore.

It's got a lot of stuff in it I'd like to ignore, but it's just the first in a long line of this year's Summer Blockbusters, so I don't feel bad for nit-picking.

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