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So much has happened in the last week that I don't even know where to begin to start. First off I have to say that I am completely exhausted. I worked a nearly 12 hour shift yesterday because someone called in sick, but that means something like 46 hours this week, and like 3.5 hours of double-time. Yay, money!

I haven't had a chance to see Spiderman 3 yet, but the guys and I have decided to go see it tomorrow. It's broken the records set by the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which is good, because this is actually supposed to be a good movie. I wouldn't be surprised if the next Pirates beats it, or even the next Harry Potter movie. But I have a feeling they probably won't. People were disappointed by the last Pirates, and this next is the 5th one, although we see much more of Voldemort in this one. There's crazy people, and all sorts of other stuff in this one. So it could beat out the others, but I somehow doubt it. They play to different markets. Spiderman 3 will get lots of repeat viewers, while Harry Potter will get more kids in middle & high school and their parents (primarily, though I will certainly go see it).

I just read that Paris Hilton has to do 45 days in Jail. This amuses me. She's a completely useless human being. She's an empty-headed, spoiled, party girl, and she has to go to jail because she got caught driving before her license was returned to her. It was originally suspended because (wait for it...) she was driving above the legal intoxication BAC thing. But the end of the article had what she was famous for and why anyone cares, and it listed that she gained notoriety by partying hard as a teenager (spoiled rich girl), making a now famous sex tape (promiscuous), and then was in House of Wax (flop), and now stars in a reality TV series (I really can't believe that people actually watch that crap- it's been on for 5? seasons now). She actually thinks she shouldn't go to jail. She was driving without a license, regardless of the fact that she "didn't realize" it was still suspended, she was supposed to enroll in an alcohol class of some variety, and hasn't done that either. Whatever.

I'm also hanging out a major amount with Damon & Robert from work. They are two completely insane guys, but Damon has decided to direct a movie, and he's starring in it. Robert plays one of his band members, and I get to play a reporter. That's all I'm saying because I'm not sure how much he wants me saying, but it's a lot of fun. It's a sci-fi/political/comedy. What I've seen of it, while low-budget is really funny. That might just be because it's full of people I know, but hey, I enjoy it. I'm hoping it'll play as a short somewhere. Even once. Maybe win some kind of prize so Damon can buy better equipment. He and I were talking about doing a travel show, and with our brand of humor and our respective experiences, it'd be a lot of fun.

Other news: Dermot Mulroney came in the other day, and I was the only female in the store. I made his drink while one of the guys was ringing him up because it was slow, and then I recognized who he was. I was slightly speechless after that, and kinda ignored him. He is amazingly handsome and I was a little in awe. I didn't recognize him at first because he's got long hair right now for some reason, probably for a project, but it makes him look like some slightly old hippie, or surfer.

Other, other news: I'm tired and I'm going to bed....

Question of the Day: What do you think of voice-overs?

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BlueCoder said...

Voice-overs... like dubbing... We'll I was surprised to learn that the vast majority of everything said in movies are the actors dubbing themselves in a sound room in post production. It's easier for the sound engineers that way. Every sound in a Hollywood movie is a sound effect, nothing is live.