Apartment thoughts...

I have come to really love my apartment. It has a lot of me in it when you walk in the front door. From green walls, to a chipping red cement floor, orange chairs, and a green shag rug. The funny thing is, I really don't like my room. It's kidna drab. It's this kinda lilac-y purple, and I picked the wrong purple off the paint chip, so it's pinker than I wanted. And I don't have anything up on my walls, except a map of the world on my closet doors (it was supposed to be a clever disguise). I wanted a different shade, but I didn't want to paint it the same dark eggplant-y color I really wanted because it would be way too dark, especially in that small a space. I feel like I want to change the color entirely, but I don't know to what. I've got one wall faux-painted, a magenta color, and it looks really cool. I could do that to the rest of the room, but I think It'd be too much. Plus it's magenta, it might be a bit overpowering.

I'm sitting here in my living room looking at it, and there's not a lot of my roommate's personality in here. I've got 3 posters up on the wall, Romeo & Juliet, Saving Private Ryan, and Paris, Je t'Aime. (I got that one directly after seeing it the other night). I've also got a couple of antique film reels on the walls. Then Jess, has a handful of black and white photos of old movie stars (Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire), and I've got black and white photos of newer stuff (the guys from The Usual Suspects, the 4 travelers from The Wizard of Oz and Sean Connery as Bond).

Question of the Day: Does your apartment reflect you?

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