Apartment thoughts...

I have come to really love my apartment. It has a lot of me in it when you walk in the front door. From green walls, to a chipping red cement floor, orange chairs, and a green shag rug. The funny thing is, I really don't like my room. It's kidna drab. It's this kinda lilac-y purple, and I picked the wrong purple off the paint chip, so it's pinker than I wanted. And I don't have anything up on my walls, except a map of the world on my closet doors (it was supposed to be a clever disguise). I wanted a different shade, but I didn't want to paint it the same dark eggplant-y color I really wanted because it would be way too dark, especially in that small a space. I feel like I want to change the color entirely, but I don't know to what. I've got one wall faux-painted, a magenta color, and it looks really cool. I could do that to the rest of the room, but I think It'd be too much. Plus it's magenta, it might be a bit overpowering.

I'm sitting here in my living room looking at it, and there's not a lot of my roommate's personality in here. I've got 3 posters up on the wall, Romeo & Juliet, Saving Private Ryan, and Paris, Je t'Aime. (I got that one directly after seeing it the other night). I've also got a couple of antique film reels on the walls. Then Jess, has a handful of black and white photos of old movie stars (Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire), and I've got black and white photos of newer stuff (the guys from The Usual Suspects, the 4 travelers from The Wizard of Oz and Sean Connery as Bond).

Question of the Day: Does your apartment reflect you?



I don't even know where to start with this movie. Penelope Cruz is luminous in it. In her own language, where you aren't struggling to get past her accent, and she isn't type-cast into some kind of arm-candy immigrant of some kind, she's completely amazing. Pedro Almodóvar has used her in quite a few of his films, and is probably responsible in many ways for much of her career. This film though is about several women, primarily Raimunda (Cruz), her sister, Sole (Lola Dueñas), and her daughter, Paula. Almodovar's films always seem to be about the happy moments you find during the hard times in your life. They never quite end, there's never a full resolution to them, but it works perfectly because life doesn't end. Life continues on after the end credits roll. The movie starts off with death, and ends with truth and life, and I know that's kind of a cheesy description, but to go into more detail would be to give away the best parts.

An amazing movie about amazing women going through a slice of hard times. (That's a little oversimplified.)

Paris Je t'Aime

Millions of people.
18 stories.
One city.
One film.
Paris, Je t'Aime is an amazing film. It's premise sounds confusing, and it very easily could be. It could also very easily get annoying with having to change stories every few minutes, but the stories flow into each other. The film starts out with stories of first meeting. Then it flows into stories of being together for a while. There's some stories of tragedy, and coming apart, and the final story is about being alone, but it's the perfect note at the end of the film. The individual films, go through all different kinds of love as well, from first loves, to familial love, to the love you have after 30 years of marriage, even the love you still hold for a person during a divorce. There's tragic love as well. And simply falling in love with Paris. It's amazing because there are so many people working on this film, generally a minimum of 3 per segment, with the exception of one, and none of them overlap. The cast list reads like a who's-who, and the list of Directors (usually one, maybe 2 people), 19 people long (Joel and Ethan Coen directed a segment), is even more prestigious. Alfonso Cuarón, Olivier Assayas, Wes Craven, Gus Van Sant, Tom Tykwer, Walter Salles, and others, it's kinda crazy.

With all the people involved, you'd think it would get confusing, but it's a beautiful movie, wonderfully done.


It is so seldom that a film has a cast that has so entirely become their characters. In Waitress, each of the actors so completely immerse themselves in their characters' personalities that you no longer look at Nathan Fillion, or Kerri Russell, or Andy Griffith. The story is wonderful and bittersweet and believable with just that touch or romantic fantasy. Kerri Russel plays Jenna who starts out at the beginning of the movie, depressed and just finding out she's pregnant, married to a man who has changed drastically since they married, Earl, played by Jeremy Sisto (amazing as the abusive husband). The Director/Writer, Adrienne Shelly, also played one of Jenna's friends, and her story is just so sad. She was murdered, allegedly by a construction worker after she filed a noise complaint, so she never got to see her film do well at Sundance, and generally be an amazing film. Plus, we'll never get to see more from her. The whole movie has this blend of real and fantastical elements that is so wonderful and feel-good.

The Distributor was right to release it for Mother's Day, it's a great film for that.


Pan's Labyrinth

Wow, I am so impressed by this movie. I don't even know how to describe it. It feels a lot like a children's movie at first and in a few instances throughout the movie. But then instead of being all playful and happy, the movie gets really dark and violent. The movie isn't so much violent as unflinching. It doesn't do the normal thing and pan away when someone is getting beaten up. Rather than cut away as you expect it to, you sit there staring, spellbound, at the screen, while a guy's face gets mashed into a bloody pulp. It's incredible though because all the special effects are completely believable, from the Faun, to the faeries, to the moving walls, and the doors opening. The creepy sagging skin guy was frightening. The story itself though, takes place right at the time of D-Day (which gets mentioned over the radio). Ofelia is 10-years-old and her mother is now married to and pregnant by an officer in one of the Fascist armies. Ofelia is smart enough to have made up this fantasy world, but at the end of the movie, you're left questioning whether she was or not. Is it real, or was it a way for her to cope with the violence around her? There are rebels hiding in the forest, and people at the manor helping them. There is the fantasy of disobeying and getting punished when friends get hurt and killed.

It's a completely unflinching look at a way children can cope with violence and war. And it's simply a masterpiece.


Why I'm Single

So I was thinking about it, and People keep asking me why I'm single. Over time, I've come up with many reasons, and the short answer is that I'm high-maintenance, picky, and commitment-phobic. The long answer though, is a bit more complicated.

  1. I am high-maintenance. That's not a joke. I'm not really, not in terms of needing flowers and candy every day, or whatever, but I do need a certain amount of encouragement in a relationship just to feel like it's where I should be.
    • ...But I still need my space. I had one guy I was seeing who called me every single day, and I was like, "Umm, ok, air? Maybe?"

  2. I don't really know how to flirt. I may find a guy I like, but I'm not very good at showing him I'm interested.
    • And I'm not very good at taking hints when they come my way.

  3. And I'm picky. I'm getting better at turning off guys I'm not interested in. Usually just by ignoring them, but sometimes by doing outrageous things.
    • The problem is, sometimes I ignore guys I want to notice me, because I don't want to be the first one to do the noticing...

  4. I have high-standards. Maybe too high...
    • I just want someone who is both attractive and intelligent and has a sense of humor, who isn't a total asshole. Is that too much to ask?

  5. I think I might be a little intimidating. People tell me I am, but I never used to believe it until recently.
    • Something about being both attractive and intelligent, with a sense of humor, and not a total bitch.

  6. In all honesty, I've said yes to almost every guy who's asked me out. The few exceptions were because they either came out of the blue and I was caught completely unawares, or because, in the most recent case, the relationship was simply moving too fast.
    • I'll tell you that story another time. I'm still not ready to bare those secrets.

I think it all comes down to my expecting the happy ending in a trashy romance novel. I've read too many of them at this point and I think, even subconsciously that's what I want. I know, in my head that it'll never happen like that, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Question of the Day: Why are/aren't you single?


I like...

So I was thinking earlier about my taste in movies. I do my Random Movie Review Blog and I'm pretty good about knowing which movies I'll like and which I won't, even before I go into a film. But one thing I discovered was that while I like many different kinds of films, if it's something I want to watch more than once, it has to be at least a little cerebral, or very, very fun. For example, my two favorite movies are The Usual Suspects and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. They're stories about people and each one you have to watch multiple times just to get the full meaning behind them. Don't get me wrong, I can watch an action movie like Die Hard or Mr. & Mrs. Smith multiple times too, but they don't require as much thinking. They don't get you as involved. There aren't multiple layers of story. You can watch it a few times and you get it. Then you just watch it if it's really, really fun: something with the right amount of banter and explosions and fights.

It's funny because I look at the movies I own, and the majority of them are either Drama, Action or both. Or Romance. There's a good bit of Romance in there as well, I am a chick after all.

Question of the Day: What kind of movie do you like?

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Just watched this one the other day, and I was surprised to learn that it was originally released in 1984, then re-dubbed and re-released in 2005. It's a really wonderful anime by my favorite anime director, Hayao Miyazaki, about pollution and pacifism. It's got quite a good cast re-voicing it, including Patrick Stewart and Uma Thurman. The storyline revolves around this young girl who is a princess in her valley. She is praised for her ability to soothe animals, and also to ride her glider on the wind. The Ohmu and other giant insects guard the toxic jungle, keep humans out, and protect their own territory. The Toxic Jungle is a place both of beauty and of danger, due to the insects and to the plants which release deadly spores due to the pollution.

It's a fascinating movie, and only gets more insightful when you consider when it was originally made.

The Painted Veil

The Painted Veil is a wonderful film. It was apparently Ed Norton's pet project, and it shows. It's a little slow moving at times, but in telling this story, that is probably a good thing. The movie centers around a woman, Kitty, played luminously by Naomi Watts, who is rather spoiled. After getting roundly criticized by her mother for never settling down and getting married, she marries a man she would never otherwise have chosen, mostly because he is soon to leave for Hong Kong. Walter Fane, Edward Norton, is a bacteriologist, and very quiet, and almost shy. Because of this, he does not hold Kitty's attentions, and she is quickly seduced by Charlie Townsend, Liev Schreiber (Naomi Watt's fiancé). Walter discovers their affair, and gives kitty an ultimatum, either accompany him into the middle of a cholera epidemic, or go through a messy divorce. This is well planned on his part because in doing so, he exposes Charlie for the sleaze-ball he really is. During the epidemic, Walter and Kitty learn more about each other because they must. They are forced into really looking at each other, and they eventually fall in love all over again.

It's a beautiful story, and the setting is wonderful.


Spider-man 3

So I saw this one last Tuesday and it was good. I'm not going to rave about it though like everyone else is, or even like I normally do. Don't get me wrong now, I enjoyed the movie, it was fun, the fights were great, but the whole movie seemed to be slightly overdone. During the whole movie, Peter Parker is getting very full of himself very fond of the love he's getting from the city. Mary Jane on the other hand is getting really depressed because she had one day on Broadway and then was fired. So they're no longer connecting on a depression level. Meanwhile, Harry hates Peter, but bumps his head, and can't remember that part (highly believable, I know), but eventually, his father's ghost reminds him of his hatred. The coolest part of the movie is the opening credits where they do mini-flashbacks to the previous two movies to refresh your memory of what happened, or to let you know, if you're one of the three people who missed them. As I said before the fights were fantastic. Topher Grace proves that he probably should have been cast as Spider-man in the first place, and does a wonderful Venom. When he's good he's really great (as long as he picks good movies). Thomas Hayden Church really surprised me as the conman with a soft spot who gets turned into the Sandman. My biigest problem with this movie is when Peter Parker is affected by Venom, he channels Fall Out Boy, and I mean the band. He's all 'emo' and dressed in an all black suit, and the hair flopped over his forehead, and the silly dance moves that only he thinks are cool. It's like the director, Sam Raimi, is ripping on an entire section of a generation. Not that I necessarily blame him, but it was unnecessary. I don't believe that that is what Peter Parker sees as cool. Not only that but in the end, the movie gets all preachy, and moralistic. It's trying to say, "Don't be cocky or you'll lose your girl." "You have to put aside your differences and be friends." "Work towards a common goal." "Forgive and Forget." All that stuff that you usually see this kind of summer blockbuster to forget or ignore.

It's got a lot of stuff in it I'd like to ignore, but it's just the first in a long line of this year's Summer Blockbusters, so I don't feel bad for nit-picking.


3 stories...

Wow, I'm impressed, three exciting things have happened in the last few days. So I feel like a little story-telling, and I'll tell them in order of most exciting last, and actually the order that they happened...

On Monday, I was working the drive-thru, and this guy comes up in his truck and gives his order, and I'm chipper and perky as usual (or as I try to be), and when I ask him if there's anything else I can get him (besides his Frappuccino), he says, "Just your phone number." I wasn't sure I heard him right, or if he was joking or how I should remotely respond to that, so I didn't, but when he got up to the window, I gave him his drink, and he asked when I was going to go out with him. I started laughing because no one's ever asked me out in the drive-through before. Granted I haven't been working there that long, but still. I found it a little odd, and a bit unnerving. So he said he'd pick me up the next night for our date, and drove off. I'm still kinda "Wait, what?" about it, but I'm thinking if he comes back I'm going to say I'll go out with him. He wasn't bad looking, and if he's crazy enough to just ask like that, it should at least be fun.

Then, yesterday, Wednesday, I was enduring the second day of a Migraine. My first one since January, but this is the first one I've had that's actually lasted more than one day. I think it's stress/tension related. At any rate, I left early from work: I went home around 8, when I was scheduled around 9:30. I was able to go home that early because they've got us closing early to install ovens for the stupid breakfast sandwiches, plus there was a new guy, so they had 4 people besides me for the closing. So no huge deal. On the way home, I had to stop and get gas because my tank was almost empty. I probably could have made it into work today, but I just didn't want to push it, and didn't want to try to figure out how much gas I had left because my head was hurting. So I went to the gas station, put my money in and tried to pump my gas. I don't know why, but I couldn't get the pump to work. For those of you not in California, we have pressure switches on the nozzles that tells the pump that it's actually in the tank, so you don't get the opening scene of Zoolander. At any rate, the guy inside, the attendant, had to come out and help me, because I couldn't figure it out, my head was throbbing so much. The guy on the pump next to mine could see I was having a rough night, and as he was leaving, he said, "Here, take this, it'll make it a little better." I didn't know what else to do, so I took it, 'it' being a bright red lollipop. After he left, I got in my car and drove off. Exciting? Wait, it gets better. As I was driving away, I had to wait for a light to change and took the chance to examine my candy. On the label it had a picture of a cannabis leaf and medical warning to keep out of reach of children. Strawberry Banana flavored pot lollipop. Oh. My. God. It's in the trash can already. I probably should have done something else with it, but I don't know what, and it's already out there....

The most exciting thing that happened, didn't even happen to me. It just kinda happened while I was there. I was on my lunch break today, and went to a taco stand that's up the street from work (great food, and super cheap). Across the street from them is a car wash place (one of the ones where you feed it quarters and then do it yourself) and across the side street (still across from the taco place) is an auto sound place. I was almost to the food place, when I head a bang. It sounded like a car hitting something, so I turned to look. It had definitely come from the car wash place, and I was trying to look and see what it was, when suddenly, a car comes flying out of the car wash into the side of the auto sound place. The vehicle must have been going at least 45 or 50 miles per hour. It was as if someone had just stuck a brick on the gas pedal, or gotten the gas and brake mixed up, and floored it. It was completely crazy. I only had half an hour on my break, so I got my food before I got a good look at what had happened, but when I finally saw where the car hit the building, I was saying, "Holy Sh*t!" a lot. The car was 3 feet off the ground because it had hit the curb before implanting itself in the wall. It was also buried all the way to the rear window. I'm not sure what kind of vehicle it was, but it was something kinda cheap/sporty. You know the category I'm talking about. The cars in the $15-25k range that parents buy for their kids. I almost took a picture of it, I was so amazed, but I figured that would be REALLY tacky, and none of my business.

Question of the Day: What has happened that's fun in your life?


Crazy Life

So much has happened in the last week that I don't even know where to begin to start. First off I have to say that I am completely exhausted. I worked a nearly 12 hour shift yesterday because someone called in sick, but that means something like 46 hours this week, and like 3.5 hours of double-time. Yay, money!

I haven't had a chance to see Spiderman 3 yet, but the guys and I have decided to go see it tomorrow. It's broken the records set by the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which is good, because this is actually supposed to be a good movie. I wouldn't be surprised if the next Pirates beats it, or even the next Harry Potter movie. But I have a feeling they probably won't. People were disappointed by the last Pirates, and this next is the 5th one, although we see much more of Voldemort in this one. There's crazy people, and all sorts of other stuff in this one. So it could beat out the others, but I somehow doubt it. They play to different markets. Spiderman 3 will get lots of repeat viewers, while Harry Potter will get more kids in middle & high school and their parents (primarily, though I will certainly go see it).

I just read that Paris Hilton has to do 45 days in Jail. This amuses me. She's a completely useless human being. She's an empty-headed, spoiled, party girl, and she has to go to jail because she got caught driving before her license was returned to her. It was originally suspended because (wait for it...) she was driving above the legal intoxication BAC thing. But the end of the article had what she was famous for and why anyone cares, and it listed that she gained notoriety by partying hard as a teenager (spoiled rich girl), making a now famous sex tape (promiscuous), and then was in House of Wax (flop), and now stars in a reality TV series (I really can't believe that people actually watch that crap- it's been on for 5? seasons now). She actually thinks she shouldn't go to jail. She was driving without a license, regardless of the fact that she "didn't realize" it was still suspended, she was supposed to enroll in an alcohol class of some variety, and hasn't done that either. Whatever.

I'm also hanging out a major amount with Damon & Robert from work. They are two completely insane guys, but Damon has decided to direct a movie, and he's starring in it. Robert plays one of his band members, and I get to play a reporter. That's all I'm saying because I'm not sure how much he wants me saying, but it's a lot of fun. It's a sci-fi/political/comedy. What I've seen of it, while low-budget is really funny. That might just be because it's full of people I know, but hey, I enjoy it. I'm hoping it'll play as a short somewhere. Even once. Maybe win some kind of prize so Damon can buy better equipment. He and I were talking about doing a travel show, and with our brand of humor and our respective experiences, it'd be a lot of fun.

Other news: Dermot Mulroney came in the other day, and I was the only female in the store. I made his drink while one of the guys was ringing him up because it was slow, and then I recognized who he was. I was slightly speechless after that, and kinda ignored him. He is amazingly handsome and I was a little in awe. I didn't recognize him at first because he's got long hair right now for some reason, probably for a project, but it makes him look like some slightly old hippie, or surfer.

Other, other news: I'm tired and I'm going to bed....

Question of the Day: What do you think of voice-overs?


I can't believe it's May...

Today it May first, and that seems so weird to me. I'm not sure why, but I feel like it's still February or something. There's so much going on right now I don't even know where to begin. Plus, I probably won't even remember it all.

I suddenly have a social life. It's weird, I'm so used to just working and then coming home and either putzing around the apartment, or playing on my computer, the idea of having cool people to hang out with, after work or whenever, is kinda foreign to me. This past Saturday, I went over to Damon's place and a handful of us did movie night, watched Grindhouse and then did Chinese food. I got into a pillow fight with Robert, Damon showed me what he's made of his movie so far (and wants me to be in it), and Princess and I laughed at the guys antics. It was a lot of fun. Then last night I went for a drink with a couple people. I drank next to nothing, but we actually went to a place that the music wasn't insanely loud, so we could hear each other, and we talked for 3 hours. It was great.

Work is going well. Will has said that when he is done training the 3 new people he just hired, he's going to start training me for the supervisor promotion. I am happy about that. It's more responsibility, but it also means I have permission to boss people around, to point out the thing I see that aren't getting done. Plus it means more money. Which is important.

I would type more, but I have to work early-ish tomorrow.

Question of the Day: When do you work tomorrow?