Some Like it Hot

One of my all time favorite movies. Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. The movie open on two musicians who are broke. They've got a job playing at a gin joint during prohibition, but the place gets raided, so of course they don't get paid. They find another job a good distance away, but they have to borrow a car to get there. While picking up the car, they manage to witness the Valentine's Day Massacre (oops!), and needing to both get out of town, and money, they take a job that they don't really fit the bill for. The two guys take a job in an all girls' band that includes Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe is fabulous, as ever, and Tony Curtis plays his characters with ease. Jack Lemmon though is a complete gem in this. He's a man, posing as women, yet still being courted by a man. This movie touches on subjects that, at the time, were taboo, and never talked about, and yet here they're used to fabulous comedic effect. There's cross-dressing, a slight touch of homosexuality, music, and promiscuity all touched upon.

It's surprising to watch when you really look at what's going on. I think everyone had a lot of fun with it.

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