Reefer Madness: Tell Your Children!

This is the original 1936 version of this movie. There's another one that I"m going to review in a minute, but I felt like I should have seen this one first, since I took the trouble to see both. This version was apparently financed by a church group, and the producers and financiers took it very very seriously, but the actors and director knew it was campy. I mean, in this one, which isn't really that much different from the musical version in terms of storyline, there are 4 kids, one is a set of siblings, the other two are their respective sweethearts. The two boys get drawn into this 'den of evil' (a reefer smoking apartment), and basically lose all ability to function. One takes his sister's car and accidentally runs over an old man. When she follows him to the smoking section, her boyfriend gets her to smoke, and then tries to rape her. The brother comes in and thinks she's doing it of her own volition, but tries to stop them anyway, and the girlfriend gets shot when the pot-pusher comes in. It's all very sordid.

There's a suicide, rape, murder and insanity, and it's all because of Marihuana!!!

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