Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

I am going to have the songs from this movie stuck in my head for a very long time. They're really very catchy. The movie is incredibly funny, wry and layered. I watched the making of video too, and there's little tidbits hidden in it. Like the fact that the high school is named after Anslinger who was the father of the Drug War. Marijuana was made illegal under him I think. And the references to Hearst, the Newspaperman, who wanted hemp banned because the paper was competing with his own. And Dupont because Nylon was soon to come out. The story line of this movie follows almost exactly that of the earlier movie. The difference being that they condense 4 characters down into two. Sorta. There are still the other two characters, but they're sidelined and not innocent at the beginning like in the original. They throw in some really funny bits like Sally selling her baby, and they completely reverse the rape scene so it's not so awful. They also throw in some brownies and the fact that pot make you hungry all the time.

Did you know that smoking too much pot will turn you into a zombie?

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