The Pianist

I think I just spent the last 45 minutes crying. I have no doubts as to why Adrien Brody won his Oscar. He wholeheartedly deserved it. The movie lost Best Picture to Chicago, and while I didn't bawl at Chicago, it is a really good movie, and it had to have been a neck and neck race. And Roman Polanski did win for Best Director. So I feel it all worked out in the end. The movie itself is incredible though. It tells the story of this incredible Pianist who lived in Warsaw before and during and after the time of the Nazis. The movie tells the story of how he goes from being on the radio to being sent with his family to the ghetto, then the rest of his family gets sent to the labor camps, but one of the Germans pulls him out. Prevents him from going off. The last hour of the movie is the best. It tells about how he hides from the Germans, and searches for food, and how people bring him food in apartments.

It's simply a beautiful, sad, slow, tense movie. I loved it.

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