no tip?

Where I was not sure I was making the right decision about changing stores before, I'm now extremely happy about my decision. Tonight, I had one of the most miserable shifts that I have worked in my life. I don't really complain a lot. I know it may not seem that way from the point of view of a reader of my blog, mostly because I enjoy blogging as an outlet for my complaining. But in real life I don't complain nearly as much as I do online. At any rate, tonight was bad. And for no real reason.

I had to work with one of my least favorite people. Normally, I don't even mind working with him because it's during the day, and I don't mind the fact that he does absolutely no work. There's usually about 4 other people there, so I can just ignore him. It's not like he's even actually on the floor, taking care of customers anyway. But tonight, it was a closing shift, just me and him, and another guy who's actually pretty cool, but doesn't really like to work. Conwell (the third guy) hates actually working, but always gets the job done. I don't understand how he pulls everything apart to clean it, but it all happens before we walk out that door. But the other guy, who will remain nameless (something I do so it doesn't come back to haunt me), pretty much left the entire close to me and Conwell. I'd be OK with that if not for one thing, one tiny little detail: He's the shift lead. Wait, what? Yeah, so the shift lead, who is supposed to set a good example for other partners, was using his sidekick on the floor the entire night, was off the floor talking to one of his friends, and did very little work until we actually closed the doors and it came time to count the tills and actually close the store. Then he played with the safe for half an hour.

On top of all that, we had a huge order faxed in, right as this sterling example of a supervisor was leaving for lunch. He got a phone call, then he turned to me and said, "There's a fax coming in, make sure that happens, I'm going on my lunch." And then he left. Normally faxed orders are 7 or 8, sometimes as high as 15 drinks. No big deal. This one, the first page came through as just a cover sheet, page 1 of 3, with just the words, "I'm sorry..." written on it. It was 33 drinks for the models on Deal or No Deal. And Conwell and I did the entire thing by ourselves. The worst part of it was, when they came in, they picked it up, and didn't leave a tip. I know, tips aren't required, but for 33 drinks, costing over $100, and faxing it in to us, it's just good form to leave a tip!

The only redeeming points about the evening were that Chris came in to do homework and kept me company as we were closing, and that I finished reading my book while I was on lunch.

Luckily, tomorrow I close with Eli, who is much cooler.

Question of the Day: What kind of camera do you like? Digital or 35mm?

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