I finally finished my taxes!!!!

Yeah, yeah, call me last minute Lucy, but it took a while. The deadline is this Tuesday, because the 15th is a Sunday, and then Monday is a holiday or something, but I finished them on Friday the 13th!!! Who says it all bad luck today??

One of the reasons it took me so long was because I had 6 different jobs last year. So, I has 6 different W-2s that I had to deal with. One of them got sent to my parents house by mistake, and I didn't realize it, so my mom had to send it to me here. When they finally all got here, I had to figure out how to do them, and I got lucky. One of the perks of making so little money last year was that I could e-file for free. Even H&R Block has a free e-file thing if you make under a certain amount. So I did that for my federal taxes, but for my state taxes (silly California Income Tax), I was going to try to do them myself, MISTAKE! I started them this morning, and another hour and a half later, I was so confused, I just gave up and decided to shell out the $30 to H&R Block to get them to do it for me. Plus I could e-file that way and just not have to worry about it. So I should have my rebate check back in 2-3 weeks. I'm getting almost $400 back from Federal and $180 back from California. I only made $17,000 last year, so I'm below the poverty line. I guess that means I don't pay much into taxes and don't get much back either. No big deal.

I just have to remember to put that money in savings, not into my spendable money....

Question of the Day: How long ago did you get your taxes done? Go ahead laugh at me....

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