I am annoyed

Why? do you ask? Because they canceled Drive. They've aired 3 episodes, 4 if your count that the first episode was split into two, and those nights, even 24 did badly. So maybe everyone was just busy that night! They should really just give it another few weeks. It's not like it would really cost them anything. I mean, instead of airing Drive, they're airing re-runs of House! Why not just run Drive, let people get into the story line, get into the characters, until they can actually replace it with something. Personally I think that makes more sense, than yanking it before people have a chance to say, "Oops, I missed the first episode, let me catch this one."

Other than that things are peachy. I tried to file a police report on my bike, but I don't have the serial number for it, so there's nothing they can do about it. The cop at the police station told me to call back if I find the serial number (which is never going to happen). He kinda got all pissy at me because I was nervous about filing a police report (something I had never done), and I didn't realize he was asking for my address, and as usual I was being slightly evasive about it (creepy guys asking where I live at Starbucks, you just get used to saying an area rather than an address). So he asked me if there was some reason I was afraid to give him my address, and of course there wasn't, so I had to explain to him, that I had never filed a police report before. I don't think he believe me. I think he thought I was just some punk kid trying to get a free bike or something, I don't know. Trying to cause trouble, or waste time. I mean, I know, someone stole my bike, big deal, I didn't get mugged, raped, or murdered, so no one cares. But I paid $150 for the bike and another $50 for the basket and bell that I put on it. Granted, that isn't much, but I spent a lot of time on that thing, and I loved it.

Question of the Day: What's making your day?

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Max said...

A television show is about human beings interacting with each other.

When they're racing to a finish line in sealed little boxes, interaction tends to get...boring.

It was a doomed show from the start. Too much suspension of disbelief without real payoff. You can't develop character without flashback, and when you flashback you're doing "Lost".

High concept good. Boxed-in, defeatist scenario bad.