Death Proof and Planet Terror. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. This movie, and I'm sure you know is a double feature, complete with movie trailers for films that don't exist (yet). It's great because it's all a throwback to the exploitation movies back in the 70s (the ones I'm too young to have gone to). It's fantastic overall because it's campy and gory and scary and suspenseful and funny. The first of the movies Planet Terror is about this chemical that turns people into Zombies. There are some people who are strangely immune to the drug as it goes airborne though, Cherry, a go-go dancer (Rose McGowan), included. Her boyfriend, Wray (Freddy Rodríguez), is another of the immune and through the course of the movie, she loses a leg to some of the zombies and he replaces it with a machine gun towards the end of the film. It's gory beyond anything I've ever seen, but some of the one-liners are wonderful. The second film, Death Proof, falter in comparison. If you watched the two seprately, Death Proof would probably be the better of the two movies, but watching one after the other, Death Proof spends probably 75% of the movie on character development rather than on action, gore and comedy. After watching Planet Terror, this movie seems so much slower and boring in comparison. Death Proof centers around Stuntman Mike and his car, which he believes is invincible, or Death Proof. There's two different sets of girls he goes after, and this is where I think the movie, when paired goes slightly wrong. I feel like it should have been more violent, have more girls he goes after, rather than spending so much time on character development of people he kills off halfway through the movie.

On it's own, as a separate movie, Death Proof is probably the better of the two, but next to the other one, it seems boring.

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