Copying Beethoven

This was an ok movie. Nothing special. Diane Kruger is always watchable, but in this she's somehow slightly mousy. They make her out to be intelligent and slightly bookish with the glasses, and it seems slightly off. Ed Harris as Beethoven is good, but he doesn't seem quit large enough, and I'm not sure I mean physically. He pulls off the character, but the performance just feels like it's lacking an extra 'oomph'. The movie is not bad. The historical details in the costumes and the settings are quite good, the constant reminders of the maestro's deafness are not annoying, and the overall tone of the movie is ok. But the film feels like it's lacking something, a passion maybe. Maybe the script was a little too contrived. The music is incredible, for obvious reasons. The best scene in the movie is when Ed Harris, playing the deaf composer relies on his copyist to conduct his 9th symphony. He is so completely into the music and can't hear a single note of it.

A mediocre movie at best, but it's hard to say how it could have been better.

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