But I'm A Cheerleader

This movie completely satirizes the whole realizing your sexuality thing. It's an internal struggle, and the movie externalizes the whole thing. It's fantastic. Because like it or not, there's still a lot of homophobia out there, which is very sad. Basically the movie is very metaphorical at the same time as being satirical. It's really intelligent, as well as being funny and silly, and candy pink. Natasha Lyonne plays Megan who is sent to a gay rehab clinic when her parents and friends suspect her of being a lesbian because she doesn't like kissing her boyfriend among other 'clues.' And she's fantastic. She's so cute and perky and cheerleader-y, but not the evil backstabbing kind that I grew up in High School with, so she's really really likable. She's just blond and cute and confused. The rest of the cast is surprisingly good too. Melanie Lynsky is in it, with her fabulous New Zealand accent. Clea DuVall plays Graham, the love interest with overbearing parents. And of course RuPaul would have to be in a movie like this. It's really funny.

Because as much as you try to convince yourself or someone else, you cannot truly change who you are.

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Natalie said...

Right on. One of my all time favs.